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Men's Dress Watches

Men's Dress Watches

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Men's Dress Watches
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A man’s watch can set the tone for his entire look and personality. So, you want to demand quality from your timepiece, but that doesn’t mean it needs to feature every bell and whistle available from modern technology. We believe it’s more important to make it mean something. Oh, and yes, give you the accurate time!

Nordgreen’s minimalist men’s dress watches come in four designs – the NativePhilosopher, Infinity, and Pioneer. Co-founders Vasilij Brandt and Pascar Sivam collaborated with renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner to produce these unique timepieces, which are inspired by Scandinavian living and values, and the influence of the past on the world we want for the future.

Inspired by our beautiful capital city of Copenhagen, Nordgreen’s men’s dress watches will add a dose of style and elegance to your look. We are proud to be part of a movement that creates affordable, well-designed timepieces, at the same time being at the leading edge of efforts that give back to society and preserve the environment worldwide.

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Our watches designs embody five fundamental principles – heritage, simplicity, functionality, sustainability, and balance. We've instilled the philosophy of hygge into the design of all our timepieces so that every watch you buy is a one that you’ll truly love, and maybe pass on to future generations.

We want our men's and women's dress watches to make you feel like the ideal Nordgreen man, conveying sophistication, style, balance, simplicity, and a passion for the good of society and the environment. With our exquisite nice men’s dress watches, you’ll undoubtedly make a remarkable first impression on everyone you meet, too. 

Our heritage and commitment are right in our name. 'Nord' represents our identity and values as Nordic peoples, and 'green' recognises our commitment to the environment and society.

For every watch you buy, you get to choose one of three charitable causes to which we dedicate a portion of your purchase price. You may choose to donate:

  • A month’s free education to one child in India
  • Two months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic
  • Restoring 200 square feet of rainforest in Latin America

This charitable giving is at no extra cost to you but in honour of your purchase. You can also track your donation by typing the serial number on the back of your watch into our website, so you can follow the blessings your purchase enabled.

Best Men’s Dress Watches Under £200

Nordgreen has a unique range of high-quality, affordable men’s dress watches. Our timepieces deliver an understated sophistication and blend effortlessly with any wardrobe collection for any occasion – without breaking the bank. Our selection of men's tan watches, for example, is a perfect choice for a dress watch.

The Infinity watch for men is one of our watches that comes in under £200, available in 32mm and 40mm options. It does not have any visible lugs (connecting the strap to the casing), so it maintains a smooth, clean silhouette. Inspired by Mother Nature, the design is pared to the bare essentials and evokes pure simplicity.

The curved and slightly elevated watch casing – in 7.35mm and 8.92mm thickness options – makes this watch more comfortable on your eyes in low-light conditions, at the same time combining with the brushed stainless-steel side to give the watch an expensive look at an affordable price. Choose from a variety of casing colours, including silver, rose-gold, and gold.

Japanese quartz movement powers the movement of the hour and minute hands and, in keeping to the philosophy of the minimalist design, omits a second hand on the white-only dial.

The straps for the Infinity are interchangeable and come in a variety of colours and materials. Choose from black, dark brown, brown, grey, patina-grey, navy blue, pink, and white leather straps. If you want to opt for a dressier look, choose the gold, rose-gold, or silver mesh straps. Or you can wear the Infinity with the new Boheme green interchangeable nylon straps, available with the 40-mm Infinity model.

This watch is water-resistant up to 3 ATM (3 meters), making it perfect for everyday outdoor use. Cycle, jog, hike, or run while wearing this watch in any weather without fear of damaging it.

Infinity’s core inspiration is to represent the evolution of nature without the complexities of modern civilisation; it champions the concept of living as simply and as naturally as possible. All told, it comes in as one of the best men’s dress watches under £200.

Nordgreen also offers the Native model in 32mm, 36mm, and 40mm case sizes. This option is all about balance in life and nature, and it embodies the Danish philosophy of hygge – living a fulfilled and balanced life full of contentment and happiness.

You can opt for the Native watches for men in three distinct thicknesses – 6.8mm, 7.5mm, and 8.35mm, depending on how slim you like your watch.

In 2019, Nordgreen also launched the Remodelled Native as part of its new collection. This new addition comes in 36mm and 40mm case-sizing and features vegan leather among the strap options. 

The rounded casing of the Native and Remodelled Native watches results in a unique elevated design. All models have interchangeable dials in navy blue, black, and crisp white, and they feature invisible minute marks that appear only when you need them. This timepiece also has no visible lugs and no second hand, embracing its back-to-basics design.

Japanese quartz movement powers the hour and minute hands, ensuring accurate time-telling.

Choose from 316L stainless-steel watches in gold, rose-gold, silver, or gunmetal. Or, for a dressy watch, select stainless-steel mesh straps in the same colour varieties. The Native also features interchangeable leather straps in black, brown, dark brown, grey, white, pink, and navy blue. Vegan leather straps come in black, brown, dove-grey, and navy blue.

You may also opt for the new green Boheme nylon strap on 36mm and 40mm Native models, making it another one of the best men’s dress watches under £200.

This watch is also water-resistant up to 3 ATM, making it perfect for everyday use. Be sure to keep it out of direct contact with water, but it’s ok to wear when you’re walking, running, hiking, jogging, or cycling in inclement weather.

Men's Leather Dress Watches

One of the most popular options among Nordgreen’s men’s leather dress watches is the Philosopher – a watch made for men who value the past, the present, and creating a better future.

This comfortable 8mm timepiece is minimalist and exquisite, with simple, rounded lines punctuated by lugs. The design prominently features the hour and minute hands, as well as displaying the date and our understated Nordgreen logo. The watch comes in two sizes for men: 36mm and 40mm.

While it comes with a dial that is not interchangeable, this flagship watch has a unique tapered edge that makes its hour and minute hands prominent. Together with an asymmetric second hand that is powered by Japanese quartz movement, this watch delivers pinpoint accuracy that will last you a lifetime.

The Philosopher features a lug width of 20mm and a lug-to-lug distance that is narrower than the 39.5mm diameter of the casing. It also spotlights a high-quality, horizontal brushing on the side of the casing that makes this men’s dress watch look more expensive than it is. What’s more, this watch is incredibly light, and 3ATM, or 3-meter-water-resistant, perfect for everyday outdoor use.

Choose from a variety of casing colours, including silver, gold, rose-gold, and gunmetal. Straps come in Italian leather and are available in black, brown, dark brown, patina-grey, pink, white, and navy blue.

Also pick from silver, gold, gunmetal, and rose-gold for a mesh strap or from green and navy blue for a nylon strap. Our newest addition is a nylon Boheme green strap for Philosopher models measuring 36mm and 40mm.

Among our newest addition of men’s dress watches is the Pioneer. Launched in 2019, this 42mm model is proving to be a bestseller and is available in three dial colours – black, navy blue, and white.

This 11.9mm thick watch represents Nordgreen's take on a chronograph and celebrates Denmark’s love for technological innovation that creates a greener future and positive change for humankind. The minimalist dial represents the clean and sustainable environment for which we strive, and the chronograph second hand features red tips that symbolise the tips found on the wind-turbines that power our homeland sustainably.

Choose from gunmetal, silver, or rose-gold casings, and black, brown, dark brown, patina-grey, and navy Italian leather straps. Or opt for vegan leather straps in black, brown, dove-grey, and navy; black rubber straps; or Boheme green nylon straps.

The Pioneer is water-resistant up to 3ATM, so you can comfortably wear it outdoors in any weather, but you should keep it away from direct underwater contact. 

Choose one of Nordgreen’s men’s dress watches and become a part of the revolution. Own a sustainable watch that is exquisite, well-made, durable, and versatile, at the same time capturing the sophisticated minimalism of Scandinavian design and working to improve societies and the global environment.

See also our new collection of green men's watches.

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