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Green Mens Watch Collection

Enjoy the dual charm of a deep emerald green dial watch as it brings you closer to the elements of time and nature in the same form. Our green dial Pioneer watch collection embraces the design depth of the alluring forest green while paying homage to the scare that comes with getting lost in all that lush, vegetative beauty.

There is nothing better to tell the going of winter and ushering in of the summer months like a fruitful green hue, such as this one. Switch to the Pioneer men's green dial watch today and celebrate nature's beauty, the changing of the tides, and the continual balance of seasons designed to spruce up your style.

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PI42GM3LGUGS &Pioneer gunmetal watch - green sunray dial - 3 link strap
PI42GM3LGUGS &Pioneer gunmetal watch - green sunray dial - 3 link strap


Green Sunray Dial - 3-Link
PI42SILEBRGS &Pioneer mens tan watch - sunray green dial - silver case
PI42SILEBRGS &Pioneer mens tan watch - sunray green dial - silver case


Green Sunray Dial - Brown Leather
PI42SIMESIGS &Pioneer silver watch men - sunray green dial - mesh strap
PI42SIMESIGS &Pioneer silver watch men - sunray green dial - mesh strap


Green Sunray Dial - Mesh
PI42GM5LGUGS &Pioneer gunmetal watch - green sunray dial - 5 link strap
PI42GM5LGUGS &Pioneer gunmetal watch - green sunray dial - 5 link strap


Green Sunray Dial - 5-Link
£125.00 £249.00
PI42SILEBLGS &Pioneer silver watch men - sunray green dial - black leather strap
PI42SILEBLGS &Pioneer silver watch men - sunray green dial - black leather strap


Green Sunray Dial - Black Leather


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Does Watch Face Colour Matter?

It doesn't – especially if you are not interested in a high level of striking, eye-catching fashion and an improved sense of style that doesn't make too much of a fuss.

The selection of Nordgreen's customers that trust us to grace their wrist with classic and contemporary watches that speak to their sense of style, though, know that the watch face colour matters.

A watch dial is more than the section where the hour markers, watch brand information, and a day-date display rest. When picked right, a men's watch dial can add a little bit more style and infuse an extra fashion appeal into your choice of a timepiece.

This is why we have broken away from the norm in the past, not only using the vintage blacks and whites but infusing a navy-blue dial appeal where necessary.

The featured green dial watches, such as the Pioneer sunray green dial timepiece with a gunmetal strap, features all of those benefits for you and more. Stand out from the pack with a watch display that shows you are confident enough in your tastes – and will not hesitate to look good at the right price.

Are Green Watches for Men Popular?

Not in previous times, they weren't.

Watch manufacturers would play it safe and only go with black and white dials for their watches for men and nothing more. Wristwatch lovers and enthusiasts might have fueled the movement too – but they soon got tired of the same colours over and again.

There could be some variations of the black and white, but they could not command the kind of style that this modern, new wave of users wanted on their elegant timepieces.

These are the users, like yourself, who dare to stare into their sapphire crystal watch glass and see a luminous tone staring back at them.

It is for these trendsetters that we have designed our sunray green dial watches.

Today, more people are getting into the world of deep green watches.

They provide a solid departure from the norm, breathing a sense of freshness into an otherwise dull wristwatch movement. Depending on your tastes, this tone could come with a twist – from dark green to khaki green.

On the Pioneer chronograph green dial watch, we opted to keep things as close to nature as we could. Thus, we imitated the lushness and beauty of the forest green, capturing its mesmerizing allure and replicating that on these limited-edition timepieces for you.

Is Green A Good Colour for A Watch?

Green dial watches look like they can do it all.

There was a time when dress watches had to be strictly black, or you would have some noses turned at you. It is the 21st century and the turn of a new decade now – and all those fashion tips could be broken with minimalist abandon.

We did you one better here, though.

Instead of slapping a green dial on just any watch, we made it that it came on our line of outdoor-focused watches.

This way, you are under no pressure to break this one out for that black-tie event anytime soon.

There is no rule against sporting such a laid-back, forest green, minimalist dial watch look to a formal event or even pairing it with your suit to the office either.

The most alluring part is that the forest green matches the outdoor landscape and concept of where you are. Whether you're on a hiking trail, camping, climbing, or enjoying the outdoors in any other way, you have a worthy companion in this beautiful timepiece with its dark green dial.

Introducing the Sophisticated Pioneer Series

The award-winning Pioneer watch series is already one of our classic watches – and it is the watch that started it all for us. It is only befitting that it gets the exclusive honour of launching the green dial movement with the limited-edition picks that we currently offer in this series.

A watch designed for men in different stages of life, the Pioneer bears testament to the fact that time is truly for everyone.

Explore the founding member of our men's watch line in the new emerald green dials and see how it transforms your style for the better.

The Pioneer watch series is not a one-hit-wonder, though. We have gone back to fine-tune the dial hue and brought it back to the market because customers love it so much.

Here are some reasons why this watch has always been a winner.

Stainless steel excellence

At Nordgreen, we care about the quality of products that goes on and around our customer's wrists. This is where our premium, high-grade 316L stainless steel comes into the mix.

This stainless steel case material is tested and trusted to prevent allergies and reduce the rate of skin irritations too. Our hypoallergenic stainless steel case leaves no possible skin contact surfaces untouched.

We take the same treatment to the stainless steel straps that we carry if those are your thing. From the link straps to the mesh strap picks, we've got you covered.

Reliable Movement

We agree that there is an allure to automatic movement watches. We also know that some might find the initial joy of manual winding watches overwhelming.

When it comes to true functionality, tested operational longevity and reliability, though, nothing beats the plain old quartz movement.

But we don't just slap the first quartz movement engine on this watch.

Our Pioneer model features the long-standing, high-quality Miyota Japanese quartz movement under the hood. We don't reinvent the wheel here; rather, partnering with a reputable quartz movement manufacturer that has decades of years of experience with quartz movements under its belt.

Guaranteeing you a power reserve that would shame the automatic watches and self-winding such that this doesn't have to be a manual movement, we even do you one better with the price.


Even without the deep emerald dials, the chronograph on this watch is enough to make it as beautiful as can be.

But then, we are not in the business of beauty alone at Nordgreen. If it doesn't add to the functionality of the watch, we take it out. That is why we love how the chronograph features work well for tracking other aspects of your time and improving your timepiece-using experience at the same time.

Now that you have the chronograph on a green dial, the colours pop even better, and you are always drawn to use this feature better.

Some love the chronographs for their design. Other men want to discover what the chronograph system holds for them when using advanced time telling features indoors and outdoors.

No matter which class you fall into, the chronograph dials are available for your every need.

Strap Material

We might keep a lean line of watch models, but we know how to make them work for a variety of people.

This is the power of our unique customization system at Nordgreen.

Even though everyone gets the same eye-catching beauty of the striking green dials on their watch, you can make the watch yours in other ways. One is with the choice of strap material.

Left to us, the gunmetal stainless steel finish of the Pioneer green dial watch case works well with a gunmetal metal strap to match. But then, who said our bracelet choices are the only tastes that you have to conform to?

Depending on your flexibility towards colour combinations, explore the silver stainless steel bracelet finish to see if that looks better against your wrist.

No matter which stainless steel case finish you prefer, break out of the norm with a khaki nylon or black leather strap, or another pick in different tone options to match your preferences. At Nordgreen, we offer genuine Italian leather straps stitched to a high degree of quality such that they last for long and keep their style even longer.

Whether black, brown, green, or any other colour that we have onboard, we know that you can do wonders with your design combinations.

Step up your game with a stainless steel bracelet instead. If you're feeling adventurous, nothing is stopping you from copping a light mesh or leather strap bracelet instead. For the core lovers of sports, getting an interchangeable nylon/ rubber strap is a no-brainer.

Sapphire Crystal

It would be poor of us to talk about everything that made the Pioneer series great if we didn't mention the sapphire glass crystal on the top.

This does not only cover the hulk of the watch but is beautifully domed that it gives a luminous reflection of the fine green dial that you peer into.

But that's not the best part.

You have invested your trust into this watch, and we hold that in high esteem. That is why we specially treat our sapphire glass crystals such that they come out as scratch-resistant to a high degree.

Thus, you don't lose the shine of the glass and don't have to worry about the slightest contact scratching the glass. As long as you don't abuse the watch, it will take good care of you.

Water resistance

Our watches at Nordgreen are not built for deepwater exploration or sea dives. At the same time, they are not flimsy units that won't stand up to the elements well.

Each Pioneer green dial watch has a 5ATM water resistance which protects you against spills, splashes, and minimal submersions. In other words, the watch has enough water resistance that you can wear it in the rain without fear of damaging the internal components.

Shop the Green Dial watches at Nordgreen

Nordgreen is the place to shop for limited edition green dial watches for men.

We don't only bring the hue to our watches but define a moment with it. Nothing feels smoother than the blend of time and seasons – such as the coming of summer, which brings such greenness.

Besides that, we also excel at:

Affordable Pricing

We don't find pleasure in slapping an unnecessary price tag on our timepieces.

Our designers and engineers do not cut corners but have found the best formula to cut costs and pass the savings to you.

The affordability of our units is not only for the short but long run.

Thanks to the quality movement that we have in the watch, you have a power reserve guaranteed to last you some years. Now, you don't have to worry about the self-winding watch breaking from not being wound around enough – or having a poor power reserve that has to be checked frequently.

A match of low initial costs and an even lower running/ maintenance cost. What have you got to lose?

Premium Materials

From the stainless steel frame to the movement and straps, Nordgreen goes the extra mile to ensure you get only the best materials.

We care so much about our customers with sensitive skin that we only employ 316L stainless steel grade to craft these beautiful timepieces. We take that a step further by sourcing genuine Italian leather and premium rubber and nylon materials when designing the straps that adorn our watches.

Combine that with all of the hour markers, sapphire crystal glass, and movement, and you know why we are the luxury brand for you.

Sustainability is Key

Sustainable existence is not just one of our core values but a way of life.

We don't believe in being extravagant when minimalism can easily be attained. The best part of things is how simple is always best anyway, so why go for the bells and whistles that would most likely be a waste of resources anyway?

We take that a step further in our offerings. Bringing a vegan leather strap, for example, shows how much we innovate to find alternatives to natural exploitation.

Shop with Nordgreen today and become a part of the minimalist, sustainability-focused movement.

The Ideal Present for Your Loved Ones

You don't have to be a man – or in need of a watch right now – to purchase this watch.

It could be the perfect gift for a loved one: be it a brother, father, grandfather, cousin, nephew, partner, or other special people in your life.

The significance of this gift goes beyond the watch that they see alone.

The quality of design, finish, and appeal of the watch alone is enough to make anyone fall in love with this luxury piece. Crafted with minimalism and sustainability in mind, it fits right in with any man at all.

Couple that with the fact that you get to donate to a cause in the name of the recipient, and they have even more reason to appreciate this present.

The Nordgreen Pioneer green dial men's watch is simply the gift that gives on giving. Wouldn't you rather be the one that sets the ball rolling?

Ready to shop with Nordgreen?

Before you buy, know this:

This is a watch created for bold, daring, stylish, fashionable, classic or contemporary, confident men.

If you know you are one of those, we want to see you in the store.

Start with the hue on the stainless steel case and work your way into the various strap material options that we have for you. Customize the watch to taste – and don't forget to support a charity on your way out too.

No matter where you are in the world, our international shipping partners will get the watch delivered to you.

That's all it takes to join the premium Nordgreen family – and you'll never look back once you've tasted us.

We're so confident, we put a 2-year warranty promise on our models. What have you got to lose?

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