Men's Blue Dial Watches

Ok, guys, it’s time to take a bit of risk and add some colour to your timepieces. Better yet, make a classy choice and go with one of our Nordgreen men’s blue dial watches. Go with a blue dial and make a bold statement with our latest men’s watch, the Pioneer Chronograph

Depending on your boldness, choose between gunmetal, rose gold, or silver watch case. Complete your new Nordgreen timepiece by selecting one of our straps, or if you can’t decide on one, you can have more strap options with our Bundle Builders. All you have to do is pick two more straps! 

A great watch is a fashion investment that can last you a lifetime. It’s also the perfect way to add a touch of style to your business attire. After all, unless you work in a creative industry, you don’t have a lot of options.

Which is why it comes as no surprise that many men have a collection of watches. If half those men's blue dial watches are sitting untouched, though, it becomes rather expensive. How many watches can you really wear at once, anyway?

Dark Blue Diver Watches with a Leather Strap

No, it’s far better to stick to one or two carefully chosen pieces that you can alternate. But what watch do you choose? Do you get an expensive diver’s watch? They look great, but is it worth paying that much for features you won’t use?

We have an alternative for you. Stick to a classic style. It will never date, and you can wear it with almost anything. Sticking to a plainer style gives you a lot more versatility. A well-made and well-designed watch is all that the sophisticated man needs.

It says, “I’m not out to prove anything – I’m confident in myself.”

But where do you start looking for that perfect design? Luxury brands are certainly an option – an expensive one. You know that you’re getting good quality, but the price – ouch.  

What’s the Alternative to Luxury Brands?

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between luxury and affordability anymore. Our range of watches are excellent quality and priced reasonably. Now, your next question might be, “How can you afford to charge these rates?”

It’s simple enough. First off, we made a choice between quality components and extra features. Having a watch with a lot of features is fun, but they’re not really necessary. And every feature increases the price.

We decided early on that we’d make timepieces instead of gadgets. Simple watches with high-quality components are all that you need.

Then we decided to introduce a limited selection of styles. Don’t get us wrong; we still offer a range of choices in terms of case colour, straps, etc. In fact, each of our models is highly customizable. But you have a choice of four styles overall.

That, combined with the customisation options, gives you a large number of permutations. If you’re looking for men’s blue dial watches, great. With all our models, aside from the Philosopher, you can choose a blue, black, or white dial. Check our selection and see for yourself.  

But My Smartphone Tells me the Time

It’s true; your smartphone is a convenient option. Until you’re trying to figure out how much longer the meeting will be. What’s more discreet, sneaking a peek at your wrist, or hauling out your phone?

Also, with the phone, you’ll be tempted to check messages when checking the time. You could end up wasting a lot of otherwise productive time as a result.

But a timepiece does more than just tell the time. It tells people something about your character as well. The question is more, "Why not get a watch?" than, "Why get one?" 

What are Our Basic Styles?

The Pioneer

We’ve taken the classic chronograph and given it a style upgrade. This is a bold timepiece for a man of action. At 42mm, it’s also the one with the largest dial. Moreover, it includes a stopwatch and a counter for seconds.

    The Native

    Do you prefer something more straightforward and understated? Then have a look at the Native. It’s as simple as we could make it. Only the hour hands are marked on the dial. There’s no second hand or date on the display. 

    Our straps are interchangeable, so why not get a few extra sets?  

    The Philosopher

    This is for the man who values every second of the day. You’ll get a second hand, with the hours and minutes marked. The date is also displayed on the dial.

    The Infinity

    The Infinity offers a streamlined design. It’s the only one of our models that doesn’t have lugs. The minutes and hours are marked, but the date is not.  

    Do you want to be able to change up your look in a hurry? Then consider ordering extra straps. If you look at the bundles that we’ve put together, you’ll see some great deals. For a little extra money, you get a watch and two sets of straps. Here are some ideas to consider:

    • Choose a plain, old rubber strap for casual use.
    • Or use a nylon strap in areas where it’s bound to be humid and wet. These straps are easy to clean off and dry quickly.
    • If you need something more suitable for the office, leather straps are ideal.
    • If you have ethical concerns about real leather, choose our vegan leather options instead.
    • Alternatively, choose one of our stainless-steel straps for a hard-wearing impressive look.

    Why Choose a Nordgreen Original?

    Our focus is on sustainability. For us, that means sustainability in terms of the client relationship and the environment. We could have cut corners with the components, but we’d only have been cheating ourselves.

    We want our brand to be synonymous with great value and exquisite design. The only way to ensure this is by offering outstanding quality. Are the gadget freaks out there going to be impressed by fewer features?

    Probably not; but then again, they also won’t have watches that they can pass on to their sons. The simplicity of function and design are in keeping with the Danish principle of hygge. Hygge is all about making things simpler. The simpler your life, the more you appreciate the things in it.

    Remember that principle every time you look at your watch. It’ll remind you to slow down a little.   

    We Give Back

    When you buy one of our watches, we give some money to worthy causes. Choose any of the options that follow. Your charity of choice will receive enough money to fund:

    • Clean water for two months in central Africa
    • A child in India’s schooling for two months
    • The preservation of about 200 square feet of South American rainforest

    What Materials do We Use?

    Miyota Movements

    A movement is a mechanism in your watch that keeps time. We chose to partner with Miyoto because they’re the best in the world. You get the finest Japanese engineering so that your watch keeps perfect time. 

    Sapphire Glass

    This is the choice of mobile phone manufacturers as well. Why? Because it’s quite scratch resistant, and it doesn’t chip or break easily either.

    Blue Leather Straps

    Here are all the options when it comes to our straps:

    • Italian Leather: Good quality leather always looks good. You’ll want to nourish the leather occasionally to keep it in excellent condition. A little effort here is worth it because it keeps the leather supple.
    • High-Grade Stainless Steel: Some men are very hard on their watches. If you’re very active or have a demanding physical job, a stainless-steel strap is a good option. They’re built to last and come in four different colours.
    • Nylon: Another option if you work in a challenging environment is nylon. Just detach the straps and give them a good scrubbing once in a while. They’ll look as good as new.
    • Rubber: Rubber straps are a more casual alternative to leather. They still look good enough to wear to the office, and they’re not damaged by water.
    • Vegan Leather: Like the leather look but not the process of making it? Then our vegan leather straps are a better option.

    All Watches Are Water-Resistant

    All our watches are water-resistant. That’s one feature that we felt was essential to include. You shouldn’t go out diving with it on, but if it gets wet accidentally, it’ll be fine.

    Two Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

    The standard warranty in our industry is six months to a year. We believe that you deserve more, so we’ve made it two years. If there’s a manufacturer’s defect during that time, send the watch back. If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it.