Blue and Gold Watch - Men's Collection

One thing is sure, and that is the permanence of changes. Even more funny is the fact that everything in horology comes in cycles. What was once popular half a century ago will become popular again, this year or the year after. That said, if people loved something in the past, they would love it again. After all, many times in the past, wristwatches had their ups and downs. But yet here we are, despite all the smartphones and smartwatches.

In the last few years, blue and gold watches are making a great comeback—especially blue and gold watch models for men’s casual wear. You see, there is a special connection between blue and gold. The elegance of gold has been known for ages. And we are not thinking about the precious material. No, we are talking about the beauty of the gold colour. When people use the term “golden colour”, they are usually referring to yellow gold. Although it’s the most common version of gold, we mustn’t forget the beauty that rose gold and white gold bring to this world.

As for the blue part, as we said, blue is coming back in the watch dials, big time. And as far as we are concerned, blue was always one of our favourite choices—naturally, side by side with black and white dials. The blue colour in watchmaking will offer an unmatched versatility when it comes to pairing the outfit with the watch. Especially our Nordgreen navy blue tones that look bright by day and formal dark by night.

How to choose the right blue and gold watch for men’s style?

At Nordgreen, we have two models of blue and gold watch in the men’s section. So, to make this fair, we will use our Pioneer and Native models as a comparison.


As we mentioned, the term “golden watch” can be misleading in today’s horology thesaurus, and it is more often related to the colour of the watch, not the material itself. And at Nordgreen, we don’t sell timepieces made of precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum. We like to make our watches fair-priced, and the gold just doesn’t fit in there. If you want a watch truly made of gold, get ready to spend a pretty nice sum of money. You could go cheaper with gold-ish watches, but they have a horrible appearance and always look fake.

But firstly, just to mention that the same watch models made from different metals always cost different. And the ones made of gold are the most expensive. Or you could take all the advantages that stainless steel has to offer into consideration. Durability, price, and scratch-resistance are stainless steel’s strong sides.

So, choose carefully, and don’t think that expensive means good, and the good must be expensive. Bear in mind that most famous brands have unreasonably high prices, just for the marketing well done. You should never pay anything more than its worth.

As for Nordgreen’s offer, well, the Pioneer line has a bit higher price than the Native one. But Native is a classic minimalistic watch, and the Pioneer is the only chronograph watch in our offer of the gold and blue men’s watches.

Watch size and fit

You should always choose the watch size just by how it fits your wrist and body types. The old horology rules of the strict watch sizes are outdated for quite a time, and it’s all about aesthetics now. Your watch needs to fit smoothly on your wrist. A too-tight watch strap will make your skin unable to breathe, and you can even shorten the strap’s lifespan. On the other hand, a watch strap that’s too loose will make you look sloppy.

As for the case size, the watch mustn’t be too big or too small. A watch that’s too big is just a fashion faux pas and shows the lack of style. And, a too-small watch case will look like a toy on your hand.

Regarding our offer, Pioneer comes in one, the large size of 42 mm, as it’s designed mostly for men. But our Native line comes in three sizes, 32 mm, 36 mm, and 40 mm. As the Native watches have a more neutral design, they are a perfect fit for every age, gender, and body type.

Design and Versatility

Wearing a golden watch with a lot of details will make you look a bit tacky. But blue and gold watches for men’s casual style are one of the greatest choices. When you choose a golden watch, always go with a minimalistic design. That way, you will avoid an unnecessary bad image of your style. By doing that, your watch will gain more versatility and won’t be limited to just one type of events.

Our Native line is pure minimalistic in its most beautiful shape. Slim designed oval case and the clear blue dial will pair perfectly with almost any look you decide to wear. The same goes for the Pioneer, although it has a bulkier appearance and a bigger case. But its chronograph dial windows and extra hands make a nice contrast with the blue dial colour, so you can even wear it at elegant evening gala parties.

To upgrade the versatility game, we offer interchangeable straps for every occasion and every colour and material. We understand you might have a busy schedule and don’t want to own multiple wristwatches for every occasion, so we made your life easier. Choose our rubber or nylon straps for relaxed events, nature trips, or beach days. For semi-casual and casual events, we have a rich choice of mesh straps and vegan leather straps. And, for the most elegant events, her majesty, Italian leather classical strap. Changing our straps is easy and takes less than 30 seconds. Why limit yourself to only one look when you can have dozens of them, just by changing the watch straps.

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