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Working towards a greener future

Save up to 30% with our our refurbished range

We take used watches, scrub them up till they are good as new, then package them for their next home. Our refurbished watches are always 30% off, so no additional discount applies.

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Inspired by Danish values, Nordgreen is on a mission to ensure that every corner of the business has considered its sustainability purpose

What is a refurbished watch

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We have taken our watches that have previously been used and sent back to us, fixed them up to the same standard as a new watch and put them up for sale here for them to find another happy home.

Why are we doing this? 
In line with our mission to ensure that we do not buckle to industry trends of creating excessive waste we decided to create an initiative to re-use and re-sell our used products.

Do discount codes work on refurbished products? 
Discount codes do not apply to refurbished products.

Does the 2-year warranty apply to refurbished products? 
Yes. We have ensured that all refurbished products are to the same quality as a new watch, so we are offering the same 2-year warranty.

Our Sustainability Initiatives

We aim to bring sustainable practices into every brand activity

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Our story

Our journey to becoming one of Europe's fastest growing watch brands

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Our Giving Back Program

Discover our global partners and we can give back together

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