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Our Social And Environmental Responsibility

In the Nordic region, design adheres to a long tradition of creating a product to functionality suit the user for comfort and form that is aesthetically appealing. We believe that in upholding this tradition, we also have an inherent responsibility to our community and environment. What we did yesterday should be outdone by what we do today, and tomorrow forward to help ensure a lifetime for generations to come. We’re working to be the best alternative to not wearing a watch. Our vision is to be a sustainable watch brand that changes the way you view a timepiece.

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Local Markets and Our Sustainable Initiatives


Local Markets and Our Sustainable Initiatives

In our regional markets, we uphold our values by partnering with NGOs to support urgent global causes through our quarterly CSR Campaigns. We’ve partnered with Social Bite UK and Second Harvest Japan to provide 8.966 meals to people in need of meals during our Christmas 2019 Campaign

We’ve raised funding for ThanksGive in South Korea to provide books for underprivileged children. In Japan, we partnered with Second Harvest to donate to their food bank initiatives for people that live in food deserts. We contributed to reforestation efforts in Australia due to the devastating fires that destroyed 15 million acres of the country’s forests.

Our Giving Back Program

+ 6,500 months

of quality education

+ 23,200 months

of drinkable water

+ 742,000sqm

of rainforest protected

+ 9,950 meals


Our Giving Back Program

Results of our Giving Back Program and the total sum of donaYons to our NGO partners we have donated to Pratham UK, which provided 6,500 months of quality education to children in India. In partnership with Water for Good sourced 23,200 months of drinkable water to the Central African Republic. In Latin America and cooperation with Cool Earth, we have preserved 742,000sqm of trees in the region’s rainforests

Adding to our long-term partnerships, we have provided more than 9,950 meals through Second Harvest, Japan, and Social Bite UK during our Christmas Giving Back Campaign

We achieve our sustainable goals in part with our customers and affiliates making it a sustainable effort for all.


We plan to make every aspect of our business carbon neutral. We are already working on that by planting trees in the Latin American rainforests to offset our emissions. Customer participation is a vital part of our efforts to offset the impact of our business through global initiatives with partnering NGOs.

Online shopping produces less of a carbon footprint than what retail stores produce. The difference is about 30% less. We’ve made our homepage user friendly so that our customers shop as though they were in person.

Our office in Copenhagen is carbon neutral, and we did it by planting 1000’s of tre emissions of our space. We encourage our team to cycle to and from work and take public transportation. We mindfully practices that offsets the carbon dioxide sustainable initiatives, both at home and at the office.

Through our shipping agent Flexport LCL, we are working to offset our carbon footprint due to the impact of our shipping logistics. Flexport charges its customers per carbon tonne, and 100% of the proceeds go to, an NGO with a mission “to reduce and offset climate impact and hasten the transition to a clean energy future.” Our partnership with Flexport and offsets the environmental impact of our customer’s orders due to transport. It supports initiatives to counter climate change and to set up education programs about renewable energy, energy efficiency, and forestry.

We are part of 30% of Danes that source their energy needs from windmills We source our electricity from 100% wind power suppliers and use LED lighting and Energy Star-rated appliances in our offices.

We are working to have zero waste in our office. Our paper is 100% recycled. We recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, and paper waste from what we consume. Our goal is to convert 100% of our consumption by purchasing supplies and products with minimal packaging, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products, 100% recycled paper, green building, healthy snacks, and meals, we strive to minimize our consumption and reduce our use of harmful chemicals and products.

Quality + Durability = Sustainability

Sustainability is an ongoing practice at a point in time when we can follow the impacts of sourcing materials and transporting our products. We aim to produce watches at the highest quality possible, and in doing that, we create long-lasting products. Having products that aren’t being disposed of or replaced is the most effective approach to sustainability.

Our products are manufactured in a Danish-owned watch factory in China. The facility has excellent working conditions based on Danish labor practices.

Our packaging is FSC certified from the cardboard paper case, which comes from responsibly managed forests to the felt insides of the box formed from using up-cycled plastic bottles. This compares to usual industry practices of using a poisonous foam to create a luxurious feel which is incredibly harmful to the environment.

Involving our customers in our sustainable efforts is essential to our business and fun for us. We have a tote bag made from 100% recycled material - 96% recycled cotton and 4% PET (polyethylene terephthalate). Our customers can shop responsibly, no matter where they shop.

We source vegan leather straps made from blended polyester and cotton. We respect all of our customer’s preferences and is one more way to support responsible sourcing of our materials, providing the same high quality as our other products.

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There’s Always More That We Can Do

There’s Always More That We Can Do

Our commitment to our global community and planet doesn’t end with our current initiatives and partnerships. We realize that to create working solutions, we must do more to offset the impact of our carbon footprint.

Our near future initiatives range from transitioning our packaging to 100% recycled packaging and creating an electronic legacy through the digitization of paper legacy, e.g., manuals to decrease resource use, to sourcing more durable and sustainable materials to make our products. We create initiatives to solve the challenges in our communities. We encourage our employees, customers, and affiliates to participate in our giving back efforts and adopt continuous practices of the like.

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