Eco Friendly Watches

An eco-watch is not just a short-lived fad, it's a step taking us closer to achieving the best sustainable practices. Nordgreen, unlike other brands, bases its responsibility to our planet around more sustainable products and practices. From eco-watches to continuously working to ensure that those who help make our products are fairly compensated, we take pride in ours using traceable materials in our Scandinavian designed watches.

A core reason why Nordgreen came into existence is that we couldn't find a watch that embraced the ideals of sustainability, kept to the ethos of preserving the planet, and contributed to lesser privileged societies' wellbeing.

Our shop has a collection of stylish eco-friendly watches that do just that.

What are Eco-Watches?

Eco-friendliness is a rather broad term interpreted differently by all brands. First and foremost, we see eco-friendliness as the adoption of practices to save our planet. Whether it's sourcing our metal responsibly, using a cruelty-free material for our straps, or aiming to give back to the society and planet through our 'Giving Back Programme', we are among the few brands in 2021 that embraces the ideas of sustainability as its core ethos.

Our watch and strap collection is produced using locally sourced materials durably made to last a long time. When your new watch arrives to you from our shop, it comes in biodegradable packaging. Now that’s eco-friendly.

Furthermore, Nordgreen empowers you to donate to 1 of 3 causes worldwide through our 'Giving Back Programme.' With every new order, you may choose to donate to:

  • Save 200 square feet of Amazonian rainforest in Latin America
  • Contribute to a month’s free education for a child in India
  • Provide 2 months of clean water for a resident in the Central African Republic

All donation costs are included in each time piece's price, so you won't have to go back into your pocket to donate. You can also keep track of your donation’s impact on our website by keying in the serial number at the back of your watch casing.

Eco-Watches for Men

If you want to own a watch that also gives back to the environment, then you’ve come to the right place.  Nordgreen’s eco-friendly men's watches are stylish, practical, and functional.

The Pioneer Chronograph

Our first flagship watch, the 42mm Pioneer, is the watch that started it all. It comes with a minimalist dial available in white, black, or navy blue.

Its third-hand stopwatch provides for greater accuracy and its second hand topped with red tips point to the red tips found on the numerous wind turbines off the shores of Denmark that power our country.

The Native

The Native men's watch is another of our eco-friendly, affordable, stylish, and functional watches. The rounded case highlights its elevated style, and its clean dial comes in black, white, or navy blue. This watch's most striking feature is its invisible minute marks that only appear when they need to.

The Philosopher

The Philosopher time piece is specially designed to provoke the power to think differently. This watch comes in two convenient sizes: 36mm and 40mm. The Philosopher has a conical-shaped case that’s wider at the base than at the face, creating a white, two-piece dial that draws you into the very centre of the watch.

Eco-Watches for Women

Nordgreen has an impressive collection of classic eco-friendly inexpensive watches for women that will complement your wardrobe and speak to your commitment to a sustainable planet. If you are in search of a minimalist, beautiful, and timeless time piece, then you’ve made the right choice by choosing a Nordgreen watch.

The Native

One of our first eco-friendly watches is the Native and Native Lille range. This range comes in 32mm case sizing for the Native Lille and 36mm or 40mm for the Native.

The Philosopher

The Philosopher, with its conical-shaped case and a sharp white-only dial, is a perfect choice for women who love a slightly more substantial timepiece. The casing base is more extensive at the bottom than at the watch face, drawing your eyes into the very centre of the timepiece.

The Infinity

Another eco-friendly watch for women is the Infinity watchdesigned to connect with nature's evolution and omit the complexities of modern living. This minimalist women's watch case has no lugs, lacks hourly marks on the white-only dial, and does not show the date to yield an understated and polished design.

The Unika

The Unika is our latest eco-friendly model, designed to perfectly balance minimalism and elegance, which comes in a 28mm or 32mm casing and 4 metal colours.

Eco-friendly Watch Straps

We also contribute to making the world a better place by making sure you can adapt your watch to your style by simply switching to a vegan strap. No need to shop for a new watch; you can switch up your style from a work day look to a date night look in seconds!

Along with our classic watch strap choices, like genuine Italian leather, we introduced a truly eco-friendly material - vegan leather. A popular choice among many, this material offers a similar feel to the real deal, but without the cruelty behind it.

We also have three other vegan and cruelty-free watch strap options: stainless steel, nylon, and rubber, all in various colour combinations, and with an affordable price.

The Story Behind our Eco-Watches

Our co-founders Vasilij Brandt and Pascar Sivam could not find quality earth eco-friendly watches on the market that looked good without a hefty price tag, no matter how hard they tried. This frustration led them to the renowned, award-winning Danish designer Jakob Wagner.

Nordgreen is at the forefront of producing eco-friendly affordable time pieces that keep to Scandinavian minimalist design and sustainability tenets. Our pieces are sophisticated enough to stand out on your wrist yet understated enough not to overpower your day-to-day wardrobe.

Our eco-friendly watch company operates on five main principles: heritage, simplicity, balance, function, and sustainability. Sustainability is perhaps the most important, as we do not envision a better tomorrow without a better environment today. These core principles are what drive our every decision, design thought, and overall company strategy.

Our eco-friendly products showcase this pragmatic Danish attitude and display the characteristics of a sustainable, green, and wholesome lifestyle. Besides investing in quality eco-friendly watches, when you buy a Nordgreen watch, you are giving societies in the developing world the best experience and investing in preserving our land and water.

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