Women’s Watches Under 200 Pounds

Wanting to keep up with the latest trends just became more sensible! Nordgreen presents designer women’s watches under 200 pounds. Who says you can’t look like a million dollars without spending a million?

Be reminded of the effortlessness of creating a great style with our Women’s Infinity watch in Silver or Rose Gold. Our Women’s Infinity is 40 mm, so you’d be making a bold statement with this minimalist timepiece. Fitted with only the basics of timekeeping, the Infinity 40 mm will remind you to focus on what’s important. Accessorise your watch with our Olive-Green Nylon strap with matching silver or rose gold to compliment your watch.

Over the years, the use of a watch has become about more than just telling the correct time. Wearing a watch gives you the opportunity to make a statement.

Watches reveal more than time. They reveal a lot about your style, fashion preferences, and even personality. This explains why watch enthusiasts spend a lot of money to acquire some of the rarest and costliest timepieces.

The modern lady symbolises power, style, and class, meaning you owe it to yourself to amplify and personalise your look by acquiring a watch that suits your style.

But you don’t have to break the bank to land yourself that beautiful watch. Nordgreen is fully committed to giving you top-shelf, world-class watches at reasonably affordable prices.

In this read, we shed light on some of the best women's watches under £200 sold by Nordgreen, the leading Danish watch manufacturer. Although these watches aren`t as costly as our other releases, they are guaranteed to make you stand out whenever you have them on your wrist.

For £200 or less, you can get yourself a Nordgreen watch. And here`s the best part: these watches are built from high-quality materials. The dials, for instance, don’t scratch, despite the low prices of the watches. You can also expect to get some high-quality straps when buying Nordgreen watches.

Let us look at the best women's watches you can get under £200. If you're interested in men's watches under £200, we also have a collection for that.

Native Black Dial with Olive Green Nylon Strap

The main inspiration behind the Native line of Nordgreen watches is balance. Nordgreen believes that balance is essential to a happy life, which explains why the Native is based on the concept of balancing classic and modern designs.

Suppose your desire is to have a watch with a clean dial and vintage-looking, invisible minute marks. In that case, the Native Black Dial with an Olive Green Nylon strap is your best bet.


  • Uses a 316L stainless steel case that enhances the scratch-resistant capabilities of the watch
  • Comes in different colour options: rose gold, silver, gunmetal, and gold to suit your various preferences
  • Boasts aesthetically appealing case colours
  • Uses Japanese quartz movement for increased consistency and accuracy in your watch's hands (The quartz vibrates after an electric signal is sent by the battery)
  • Unique Nylon strap with an Olive-Green colour
  • Interchangeable straps that make it easy to switch up your preferred colour straps
  • Rain and water-resistant (up to an impressive 3ATM)
  • Case Thickness 7.5mm/8.35mm
  • Case Width 35mm/40mm

Why you should get the Native Black Dial with Olive Green Nylon strap

The Native watch is a state-of-the-art timepiece that is guaranteed to upgrade your style and enhance your confidence when stepping out. The nylon strap is adjustable, meaning you can switch to a strap colour of your preference. This gives you great options, especially when it comes to fashion.

Another benefit that comes with this watch is its super-friendly price. You don’t have to spend all your savings on a watch when you get this world-class Native watch.

The Infinity with Navy Blue Nylon Strap

The Infinity with a Navy Blue Nylon Strap is one of the best watches you can get under £200. It is often said that cheap is expensive, but this affordable Nordgreen timepiece is of the highest quality. The silver dial colour gives this watch a classy look, allowing you to step out in style.

Since silver can match with literally anything, you won't have to worry about your watch complementing your look.

Designed by Jakob Wagner, Nordgreen's chief designer, the Infinity in Navy Blue Nylon is inspired by nature. This watch is both minimalistic and simplistic, allowing owners to get rid of the complexities brought about by modern civilisation.

You won't have to deal with unnecessary additions when using the Infinity watch. Nordgreen has removed dates, lugs, and hourly marks. It also comes with an appealing deep curvature that gives the dial a unique, infinite look. The hourly marks are precise as they glide up on the dial`s edges.

You can also take advantage of the interchangeable straps that allow you to style your watch to match any occasion.


  • 316L Stainless steel that reduces the risk of scratches
  • Case width of 40mm and thickness 8.92mm
  • Rose Gold and Silver Case colours
  • Japanese Quartz movement that allows for smooth, sleek hand movements
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Water Resistant up to 3ATM
  • Case thickness of 8.92mm
  • Case 40mm
  • Comes with a nylon strap
  • Strap width 20mm

Why you should get the Infinity in Navy Blue Nylon

If you want class, elegance, and affordability in one product, then the Infinity wuth a Navy Blue Nylon strap is your best bet. The white or black dial colour makes this watch trendy and fashionable at the same time. The Infinity watch is appealing for ladies who love standing out as the dial's deep curvature gives the timepiece a unique look.

With the interchangeable straps to play around with, you will never go wrong with this watch. And here's the best part: it won't cost you a lot to acquire this top watch.

The Philosopher Watch

Designed by our world-renowned stylist Jakob Wagner, the Philosopher is a watch like no other. Its combination of class and affordability makes it a great choice if you are looking for a watch that enhances your style.

You can choose between black or white dial colours. All these colours are carefully selected by Nordgreen's chief designer to ensure that the colour schemes meet your fashion needs.  You can also choose from an array of gold, gunmetal, rose gold, and silver colours when it comes to case colour.

Your colour options don’t stop there; Nordgreen gives you the option of selecting from its wide array of strap colours when you buy this watch. And since the straps are interchangeable, you can always be in control of your colour coordination.


  • Case thickness of 7.2mm/7.84mm
  • Case Width 36mm/40mm
  • Made of stainless-steel material 316L
  • Comes in different case colour options: silver, rose gold, gold, gunmetal
  • Japanese Quartz movement that allows for precise and accurate movements of the hands
  • Strap width of 18mm/20mm
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Water-resistant up to 3ATM

Why you should choose 

True to Nordgreen's promise of producing world-class watches, this watch is inspired by the need for balance. The Philosopher combines both a modern and a classical look. The invisible minute lines, as well as the rounded lugs, give this watch a contemporary look.

The black dial and silver colour combination give this watch a classy look that meets your fashion needs. Its minimalistic look is also to die for as Nordgreen strives to keep everything simple and chic.

You can also change the straps to suit your fashion preferences. With the Philosopher, you will get real value for your money. It is affordable, making it one of the best quality watches around. 

Nordgreen's Watches

Nordgreen is a well-respected, world-class brand that always looks to represent the Nordic identity. Our watches are known to be simplistic and classy at the same time. With one of these watches in your closet, you will always be in control of how you look as the watches reviewed above all have interchangeable straps.

Jakob Wagner, our chief designer, has built a reputation as one of the most sought-after watch designers. His vast experience in watch design ensures that all Nordgreen watches are tailor-made with the tiniest details kept in mind. You are guaranteed to experience the Danish culture once you purchase one of these watches.

The watch industry is primarily dominated by men's designs, leaving our beautiful ladies with little proper options. But Nordgreen is a different brand. It focuses on creating different types of watches to suit the ever-increasing client base.

Nordgreen watches come in different strap and case colours, giving you the much-required freedom to select your colour combination as a fashionable lady. You don’t have to wear the same coloured watch every day. You can remove the straps and change to different ones in a matter of seconds!

Key Takeaways

Worried about the prospects of finding a high-quality watch that won't break the bank? Try one of these Nordgreen watches under £200. These watches are built to last, and the cases are made from stainless steel, meaning you don’t have to worry about scratches ruining the appearance of your timepiece.

At Nordgreen, we are not just about selling watches, but also giving back to society. Buying one of these watches will help you contribute to a charitable project sponsored by Nordgreen. (We make a donation with every watch purchase.)

And, although these watches come at relatively affordable prices, we provide fast delivery and free returns as well. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about additional costs once you place an order at Nordgreen's website. Free returns are also guaranteed if you want to change your product or if you encountered faults (very rare) with one of your products.

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