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New Watches for Women

New Watches for Women

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New Watches for Women
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Ladies, if all you want is something new, then you’ve come to the right place. Nordgreen’s collection of new watches for women are the latest Scandinavian watch design trends. 

Our Native women’s watches have an ageless design symbolizing the connection between you and your timepiece. That means the Native is both aesthetically pleasing to you and won’t overstate when you accessorise our watch with your attire.

Available in three comfortable sizes of 32 (Lille), 36, and 40 mm, you have the option of choosing between three dial colours, and four case colours. Keep your new watch looking new with our interchangeable straps, now that’s new!

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BUNDLE White Dial Gun Metal | Brown / Black / Mesh Straps
£131.00 £262.00


BUNDLE White Dial Gun Metal | Brown / Black / Navy Straps
£126.00 £252.00


BUNDLE White Dial Gun Metal | Navy NATO / Black / Mesh Straps
£126.00 £252.00


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Nordgreen's women's watches are for those who appreciate classic style, beauty, and comfort. All our women’s timepieces pay heed to the timeless Scandinavian design philosophy of understated elegance, balance, simplicity, and functionality. What’s more, they are authentic and affordable. What more could you want?

Well, there is more. Thanks to our no-added-cost Give Back Program, you’ll get to choose from three charitable causes to support with a portion of your watch price. So, you not only do you get a classic timepiece, but you get to give back to society and the environment.

Inspired by the beautiful and sustainable capital city of Copenhagen, Nordgreen's hot ladies watches will make you feel stylish, elegant, and fashionable. We aim to create a movement of conscientious women who love unique, affordable designs, simultaneously being at the forefront of preserving our planet and improving our global societies. It’s right in our name – a combination of Nordic and Green, underlying our commitment to the natural and clean way of living in our beautiful Nordic country. 

This philosophy inspired our co-founders Vasilij Brandt and Pascar Sivam, who collaborated with renowned Danish designer Jakob Wagner to birth our timeless new style watches for women.

In recent years, Scandinavian and Danish design has cast its mark on the world stage, all thanks to going back to basics. If you're a woman who wants effortless style and fashion, Nordgreen timepieces deliver.

Our Five Pillars of Creating a Watch

We’ve created new stylish watches based on five pillars – heritage, simplicity, functionality, sustainability, and balance. In doing so, we've instilled the philosophy of hygge into the design of all our timepieces. Every timepiece you buy is a one you’ll love and one that will remind you to be a woman who lives a fulfilled life and believes in sustaining our planet.

A great watch is an accessory that can showcase a woman’s wardrobe. Our selection of new stylish watches for women features a versatile timepiece that tops off virtually any outfit for any occasion.

We believe in designing watches that will take you through the seasons, too, never losing any of its classic appeal. Nordgreen's watches also communicate that superb quality of life that inspired their creation.

As Danes, we enjoy access to free healthcare and education. We care for the environment and have made Copenhagen one of the most sustainable cities on the planet. We want to share these values with the women of the world through our durable watches.

For every watch you buy, we empower you to make one donation – taken from the price you pay, not added on – to a cause of your choice. With every purchase, you can donate:

  • A month’s free education to one child in India
  • Two months of clean water to one person in the Central African Republic
  • Restoring 200 sq. ft. of rainforest in Latin America

And you get this, at no extra cost on the watch! We also enable you to track your donation on our website. Type in the serial number on the back of your watch to monitor the impact of your gift.

Best New Style Bracelet Watch For Women

All of Nordgreen’s new watches in 2021 feature a simple yet elegant design at an affordable price.

Casings of gold, silver, gunmetal, and rose gold flatter dials of various colours. They come attached to grey, black, Boheme, pink, white, brown, navy blue, tan leather or nylon straps, or gold and silver mesh straps.

We incorporate Japanese quartz movement technology that keeps the hand of your watch moving effortless, for pinpoint accuracy. Carefully crafted mechanisms define a masterpiece, and our new watches are just that!

When you buy our watches, we want you to know that they’ll last you a lifetime. Our watch casings all encompass low-carbon 316L stainless steel, in stylish and feminine colours that will keep your timepiece oxidation-free over time. 

And what about those pretty straps? Our women's collection incorporates real Italian leather, premium-grade nylon, or stainless steel mesh straps to add to the durability and lifespan of your favourite timepiece. Change up your leather strap in a flash by using our quick-release mechanism to switch colours in sync with your wardrobe.

You can also continue active outdoor activities wearing your Nordgreen watch, and rest assured that it won’t get damaged. We designed all our women's watches to be rain- and weather-resistant, so you can comfortably run, cycle, or jog wearing your Nordgreen without fear of harming it.

Classic Timepieces with Silicone & Leather Straps

All our classic timepieces are water-resistant up to 3 ATM (3 meters), which means that they are suitable for everyday outdoor use, but you should keep it away from direct contact with water.

Nordgreen has released four lines of new stylish watches for women that convey a design philosophy of balance, simplicity, beauty, and function. 

Wear the Philosopher timepiece to celebrate your ability to think originally and innovatively. This piece s inspired by the past and conveys our focus on creating a better future.

It has a unique asymmetric second hand that reminds us of the continuity of life and our movement through time.

Instead, you might want savour the simplicity of the Infinity timepiece, which draws its inspiration from Mother Nature. This piece has a sophisticated yet simple design, which embraces the spirit and beauty of nature in a simple, clean design.

We present the Native – a new designer watch for women inspired by the superb quality of life in Denmark, particularly in our capital city of Copenhagen.

Finally, our newest women's watch design is the Unika - which blends elegance and minimalism in its stunning design.

This bestseller is a redefined classic that’s sophisticated yet simple. It’s a watch that every woman, no matter your style or inclination, can wear for any occasion and with any outfit. 

Top New Designer Watches In 2021

Our new Native Boheme Green and Native Lille pieces are the latest exciting new watches for women that join our existing lines – the Philosopher, the original Native, and the Infinity.

The Native Boheme is a classic women’s piece that captures the world of the future, stressing sustainability, innovation, and kindness to our planet.

Denmark is a world leader in green technology and technology innovation, something about which Nordgreen is incredibly proud. In fact, it is this concept that inspires us to come up with classic, sustainable pieces that appeal to women of all ages.

The Native Boheme also features a classic 316L stainless-steel casing and dial, both of which come in a variety of attractive colours. Our leather colour is the most popular we have in stock. Unique, too, is the red tip of the watch hand that pays direct homage to the red tips of the numerous offshore wind turbines that power Denmark.

Added to the design are quick-release straps in olive-green nylon, as well as other nylon and stainless-steel straps that you can interchange with ease.

One Colour to Rule them All - Green!

In addition to the new Native Boheme Green, we've introduced the remodelled Native as the Native Lille for women. The quality and sustainability of our native land of Denmark inspires the design of the Native Lille and pays homage to the men and women of Denmark. You can explore our collection of men's dress watches here.

This new watch is rounded and understated, with a unique design feature – transparent mini marks that appear only when you need them. We have expanded our line of watches to include quick-release vegan and rubber strap options for all of our pieces, in addition to animal leather and stainless-steel mesh straps. The Native Lille showcases a smaller 32mm size that fits the stylish woman perfectly.

We work tirelessly to ensure that Danish design extends beyond our borders, as we now sell our new timepieces in more than 70 countries across the globe.

Nordgreen is changing the world one watch at a time. We have built a charitable donation into the price of our watches, so your purchase gives back to the environment and the global population.

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