Black and Gold Watch Collection

Black and Gold Watch Collection

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"Excellent service, high quality products"

Ordered on a sunday, received on tuesday which is phenomenal in the current circumstances. Love the watch, really classy

Chris Brown, May 27 2020

"Lovely Scandinavian design, good quality"

Love my new Native watch! Stylish, minimalist and elegant. Beautiful design. Ordered an extra strap so I can change them. Easily changeable.

Judit Bartok, May 22 2020

"Professional and easy to follow purchasing experience"

Choosing my watch was straight forward on the website, ordering was smooth, keeping me informed was done at the correct level and delivery was timely.

Henry Wilson, April 27 2020


Quick delivery, watch looks great and love the CSR scheme to give back to the environment. 5 stars!

Ben Challenger, April 27, 2020

"Excellent customer service - went the extra mile"

Excellent customer service - went the extra mile . Very happy with the watch - great to wear ! 

ANONYMOUS, April 27, 2020

The delivery of two of the best hues in watchmaking history tells only half the story here. Pair that with the luxury promise of a design that truly stands out, and you have a winner in our black and gold men's wristwatches.

Customise and purchase such an exclusive, limited design watch that appeals to your fashion senses and tastes with Nordgreen today.

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Here's why you need one of these

It is almost an automatic guess that most men own a black watch already. Some of them might have the occasional gold watch in there for good measure.

But what are the chances of having a fine black and gold watch to call your own? Low, right?

Maybe you need some convincing. Think about these:

The allure of gold watches

A subtle delivery of class, repute and stature as ensured by gold watches have gone a long way for centuries.

Gold brings with it a feeling of luxury without making too much of a noise about it. That is the kind of man that you are also – a stylish, bold, confident and adventurous being – and your watch should complement such a statement about you.

Whether the watch sports a gold frame or band, you know you'll have a good deal of confidence in the bag for the day.

The versatility of black watches

Is there anything that these watches won't go with?

That is one reason why we have designed a unique shade – the gunmetal hue – to go with our timepieces.

Such a manly colour with a slight twist to things, guaranteed to work with just about any kind of outfit that you throw at it, sounds like the kind of thing a classy man would like.

It also pairs well against most men's outfits which is usually devoid of any bright colours. What a nice way to stay functional and practical with only one colour.

Now, here's the best thing.

The beauty of both!

Combine the allure of a gold watch and the high practicality of a dark-tone watch into one, and you have a winner that stuns for days.

In most cases, watch features and colours are kept the same for uniformity. This is the year 2021 – and you are free to explore the new side of things. Who's to say your new watch doesn't deserve a place at the dinner table?

Establish yourself as the man that's not afraid to obey the rules and bend them where need be. Conform enough to fit in, but divert so well that you stand out at the same time.

Achieve this perfect blend when you shop any of the black and gold men's watches that we have on sale for you today.

Choosing your Black and Gold Watches Right

We allow you to stand out even more from the crowd by customising the features on your black and gold watches further, giving you an exclusive appeal.

Choose the best option, all at the best price, that works for you, as we have curated below.

Gold Case + Black Straps

When shopping our men's watch collection, you can choose to get a golden metal frame paired with any set of gunmetal straps, depending on what you want.

  • Outdoors – get a gold frame and pair it with a black rubber or nylon strap. Works wonders when outdoors.
  • Dress functions – purchase a gold watch fitted with black leather, mesh or stainless steel strap for comfort.
  • Office watches – your office watch can have a gold case with a leather or stainless steel strap instead and work wonders. The leather strap is preferred if you have a corresponding leather bag for your office runs.

Discover what this pairing can do for you across different use cases today when you customise and shop with us.

Black Case + Gold Straps

A dark watch face might be more conventional for you, so here we are. For the most part, you'll also get good results with a black dial, although you can choose either of the white or navy blues in applicable cases also.

You'll find these customisations on sale today:

  • Outdoor watches – a black watch here would pair well with a black face under the crystal. Combine that with a link stainless steel strap in gold colour to wrap it up.
  • Dress watches – it takes a bold one to pull this off but pair off a black case watch with a golden mesh strap.
  • Office-style watches – you can't go wrong if you're shopping for the black watch to come with either a link or mesh-style stainless steel bracelet. It all comes down to your personal preferences.

Add the extra appeal that this new design brings to you and start a personal fashion movement of your own that you're proud of.

Exploring the Rose Gold Promise

Whether discussing black and gold watches, blue and gold options or any other combination that features standout appeal, rose gold is always a strong contender.

Switch things up with rose gold instead of the usual yellowish gold if that's more of your thing. You'll never know if you don't try anyway, so why not get started today?

Finished with water resistance ratings, quality movement, fitting size options and stellar attention to detail, you cannot go wrong with what the Nordgreen brand has in store for you.

Our Sustainable Initiatives

Carbon Neutral
By planting 1000's of trees we have offset our carbon emissions generated by our office here in Copenhagen. Equally, each of our global shipments have been offset, including your Nordgreen order.
Sustainable Packaging
All our packaging is FSC certified. The cardboard paper in our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. The felt insides of the box are formed using up-cycled plastic bottles.
Giving Back Programme
Our Giving Back Programme upholds our Nordic and Danish values of health, education, and environment, and in doing so, establishes partnerships with relatable charitable organizations around the globe.
Responsible Manufacturing
By partnering with Danish partners abroad we ensure that our overseas production facilities adhere to the highest standards while following Danish labor practices.

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