Black Watches for Men

At Nordgreen, we like black watches. In fact, our Pioneer and Native watch lines come with an option of black or navy dial colour. We also have all sorts of interchangeable black straps, from Italian leather to vegan leather, followed by nylon and mesh ones. Black watches for men are always classy, stylish, and elegant. Hence, they are perfect for gala nights, business meetings, and every other formal occasion. If you are a fan of minimalistic black watches for men, maybe the Native is the better choice for you. Our flagship, Pioneer, comes in one size of 42 mm and is more suitable for larger wrists. In summary, if you want to achieve an utterly elegant look, a Nordgreen black watch should become an important part of your fashion accessories.

Black watches for men and black-tie events

What are black-tie events?

Ah, the black-tie night dress code. Although they seem a bit outdated, dress codes are still a thing. We left traditional dressing a few centuries ago, but we all still dress for the occasion. Don’t trust me? Try wearing a tuxedo at the pool or a Hawaiian shirt for a business meeting.

Black tie is a formal dress code used for elegant occasions that begin strictly after 6 p.m. Gentlemen are obligated to wear a black dinner jacket paired with matching trousers. Also, a cummerbund or a waistcoat is a must. Of course, a black silk tie and a white silk pocket square are obligated. Finish your elegant look with the black oxfords, black socks, and a classy boutonniere, and you are ready to go. However, in the past, watches weren’t part of the outfit. It was considered even rude to wear them, as it implied you have somewhere else to be. In fact, every host of the evening would be insulted at the sight of a guest wearing a watch. Luckily, things have changed, and black watches for men became an irreplaceable part of the outfit.

How to select a perfect evening watch?

An evening watch is quite more formal than the everyday one. So, no bright colours or too daring combinations. The trick is to pair the watch with your shoes and belt. Of course, on the black-tie events, it should also be paired with your evening jacket. If you are wearing any jewellery (cufflinks, rings), the watch should be paired with them, too. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. A black suit and black shoes for men is something like a little black dress for women. It never gets old fashioned. We also have some recommendations regarding the look of the dial and the straps.

The dial should be simple, elegant, and minimalistic. Remember, it’s a high-class night, so no complications, smartwatches, or anything similar - just a clean dial, preferably with no numerals, or if you must, roman numerals. Also, no glow in the dark watches, as it’s a sign of bad taste. Especially at a garden party, theatre, or dance night. You should always wear a watch that fits your wrist perfectly, preferably the one with a slimmer case. So, no overgrown watches this evening.

Regarding the straps, the choice is pretty clear. The only appropriate one is the black leather strap. Or, of course, vegan black leather strap. The whole point is that nobody actually should notice you wearing a watch. That’s why our Nordgreen watches are a perfect choice. They are subtle and discreet yet elegant and classy.

Standard rules when wearing a black watch for men in a formal event

  • Always wear a watch on your left wrist. This is substantial for handshaking, as it takes the attention off your watch. Remember, you are not wearing a watch to get in the spotlight. Moreover, your watch should always slide easily in the sleeve of your tuxedo. So, no bulky watches.
  • Make sure your leather strap fits well. So, it shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You don’t want to look sloppy. If you position your strap too tight, you will feel uncomfortable or even start to sweat, which is a thing to avoid on gala events.
  • Always wear a watch with the face positioned on the top of the wrist. Some professions, like military and law enforcement, have a habit of wearing the watch the other way around. However, this is an elegant event.
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness. Before attending any formal event, take a few minutes of your time to clean your watch well. Additionally, you can polish the glass and use a leather conditioner for your black leather band.
  • Be confident. If you don’t feel right while wearing a watch on a formal occasion, leave it at home. Also, don’t check the time too often. If you absolutely have to, do it at a glance. Or, excuse yourself and go to a different room to check the watch.

Which Nordgreen watches are perfect for a formal night?

Naturally, you can wear any of our watches on a formal night. However, our recommendation would be the Pioneer and the Native line. They come with the black dial option, and you can pair them with one of our black interchangeable straps. This way, you can easily make an adjustment to your look. In only a few minutes, you can turn your casual everyday watch into a tasteful timepiece, fit for even the most elegant events. Also, all our watches can be purchased in a practical gift bundle. Every gift set includes one watch and two interchangeable straps. Additionally, you can save up to 20% on the total price by choosing a bundle option.

In the end, you should wear a watch because you want to, and not feel obligated to. Fashion rules are here to respect them, but also to break them. Nobody should stop you from wearing any watch you want, in every event you prefer. It’s your decision to make.

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