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Nordgreen: The Ongoing Mission of Giving Back

Nordgreen: The Ongoing Mission of Giving Back

Nordgreen's continues its sustainable efforts in their Giving Back Program by partnering up with various NGOs and making donations to climate crisis situations like Australian brush fires.
The Greatest Gift of All is the Gift of Giving

The Greatest Gift of All is the Gift of Giving

The Social Bite Fund: Holiday Charity Campaign 2019


The Greatest Gift of All is the Gift of Giving, image of social bite and nordgreen logos.

This holiday season, we as Nordgreen want to make the season all about giving back to less fortunate people and families. The holiday season is a special time when families come together to celebrate and have 'hygge' times, enjoy a delicious meal, and exchange presents. However, not everyone is as privileged. For some, it can be a season of loneliness, particularly for people in need. 

That's why Nordgreen, in cooperation with the Social Bite Fund, a registered charity in Scotland, is hosting a campaign from December 3 - 30, 2019. Social Bite operates as a  ‘social business’ working to solve social issues like hunger and homelessness. 

For every customer purchase, Nordgreen and the Social Bite will donate a warm meal to a homeless person when our customers use the Discount code: SOCIALBITE upon checkout and purchase of their items. 

As a symbol of appreciation for their donation towards Socialbite and to spread awareness around the topic of homelessness, they can choose one free strap from our collection or choose our limited edition Black Nylon Strap in addition to their purchase. The nylon strap will be launched exclusively for our ‘Holiday Charity Campaign 2019.’ 

What's more, upon purchasing their Nordgreen timepiece, our customers can still take part in our ‘Giving Back Program,' in which our customers can donate a portion of their purchase to one of our three partnering NGOs.

The Greatest Gift of All is the Gift of Giving, image of Brazilians in the rainforest.

Our Giving Back Program

Why we give back is at the core of our identity. Our Danish values have taught us the importance of focusing our ideas and resources toward humanity and our lessening our impact on nature. Partnering with Water for Good confirms our notion that there are others in the global community that do more than provide temporary relief to those in need, they provide realistic solutions that also empower people to continue these initiatives hopefully through the next generations.

It’s not only about our watches. It’s also about helping others and saving our planet. We make it possible for our customers to participate in our giving back program by letting them choose where a portion of your purchase goes as a donation. We partnered with Cool Earth, Pratham UK, and Water for Good, to offer our customers an opportunity to get involved with our efforts. Together with our partners and customers, we provide ongoing education, health, and water solutions to areas of the world such as India, Latin America, and the Central African Republic. 

The Greatest Gift of All is the Gift of Giving, image of Nordgreen Gift Bundle.

Accessorizing Consciously

Our watches are designed to be a timeless fashion piece to be shared amongst generations. We realize that while it is impossible not to create a carbon footprint, we can, however, lessen its impact by creating sustainable practices. It’s about our obligation to do some good in the world. We encourage our partners and customers to follow in our efforts. 

The Greatest Gift of All is the Gift of Giving, image of Nordgreen Gift Bundle open.

Written by George McFarley III, Images by Esther Günnewig.

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