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6 Differences Between a Watch And a Timepiece

In the world of watches, there's not much to choose between a watch and a timepiece. Strictly speaking, a watch is a timepiece. But the dictionary doesn't tell the whole story.

A watch is something one wears to tell the time. It's functional; it does a job. They can be picked up anywhere and will perform their role, keeping you on track.

A timepiece, on the other hand, is much more than that. It's an object you take great care in finding, selecting and great pride in wearing. It should be a reflection of you and your personality, and the decision to purchase one shouldn't be taken lightly.

If you're undecided about your next purchase and whether or not you're buying a watch or a timepiece, there are three big indicators you should look out for.

1. Design

A timepiece will have been carefully designed. It will have been well thought out and put together to represent a certain philosophy. That's why top watch brands have such distinct personalities – so that they can be reflected in the pieces they create.

Not only that, but while watches are produced en masse, a timepiece should be unique to you. You should rest assured that you have your very own piece of history on your wrist every time you wear it. Whilst others of the same model may be designed and produced, only you will own yours.

Unika two-toned women's watch
Unika women's two-toned watch

2. Quality

A true timepiece is extremely well crafted and built to last. As with the design, great care will be taken to make sure only the finest materials are used. From the material in the watch straps to the glass in the face to the inner workings of the movement – care and time should have been put into all of them.

For example, a good Japanese quartz movement ensures the piece is highly accurate but eliminates the need for recharging or re-winding. Quality aspects like this are what makes sure your timepiece will keep you on schedule, wherever you are.

In addition, a timepiece has longevity. Perhaps you'll even be able to pass it on to the next generation, only increasing the value it represents.  

Native Blue Sunray dial watch

 3. Value

A timepiece will often be seen as being much more expensive than just a watch, but that doesn't have to be the case. A great timepiece doesn't have to cost the earth, but it will be incredibly valuable to you.

The care that has been taken in the craftsmanship of the design and build should be reflected by your feelings towards it.

When you find something that you are truly connected to, invested in and feels like yours every time you wear it, then you've found a timepiece – not just another watch.

4. Choice of Movement

One of the things that many watch enthusiasts look at to set a watch apart from the timepiece is the kind of movement on it.

Quartz watches require a battery to work, and they work ever so simply that it is almost impossible to believe how well they function.

Timepieces, on the other hand, are believed to work on some winding movement. Thus, you have to wind them at some point to keep them working.

If you were wondering – then yes, this is the mechanical movement in question.

The care, attention to detail and extra moving parts that go into the mechanical movement means these timepieces command a higher price. However, that also means that they are more expensive to maintain and could fail on you at any time.

That said, you don't have to break the bank or look for a mechanical movement only for a timepiece. 

Explore affordable luxury watches that define your style, improve your fashion collection and are personalised to your needs. Do that, and you would have a timepiece of your own too.

5. Complications

A timepiece is complicated.

For example, our Pioneer watch series features a system of dual chronographs that measure time in relative ways, helping to boost the time telling experience that you would normally get from the watch. You get one better with a calendar display on the watch, keeping track of the days of the month for you.

These go beyond the basic time-telling to adding extra features that are sure to improve your needs for the watch. If anything, that tells you that this is more than a watch, but a reliable timepiece that can make a difference for you also.

Men's  Award-Winning Pioneer Chronograph Watch

6. Value Appreciation

At Nordgreen, we don't sell watches that are overpriced such that their value drops the moment that you take them out of the box.

Our watches are so rightly priced that they give off the right feeling of quality and luxury when sitting on your wrists and still hold their value for a long time.

That is not to say you would ever want to sell them, anyway. Once you own a Nordgreen watch, you will only want to dig deeper into the world of minimalist simplicity and elegance that comes with other watch collections we have available for you.

That is what makes our watches timepieces too – and that is why they will always be the darling of men and women who have chosen to go with a Nordgreen design.


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August 23, 2018 by Nordgreen Copenhagen

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