Rose Gold Ladies' Watch

Rose Gold Ladies' Watch

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"Excellent service, high quality products"

Ordered on a sunday, received on tuesday which is phenomenal in the current circumstances. Love the watch, really classy

Chris Brown, May 27 2020

"Lovely Scandinavian design, good quality"

Love my new Native watch! Stylish, minimalist and elegant. Beautiful design. Ordered an extra strap so I can change them. Easily changeable.

Judit Bartok, May 22 2020

"Professional and easy to follow purchasing experience"

Choosing my watch was straight forward on the website, ordering was smooth, keeping me informed was done at the correct level and delivery was timely.

Henry Wilson, April 27 2020


Quick delivery, watch looks great and love the CSR scheme to give back to the environment. 5 stars!

Ben Challenger, April 27, 2020

"Excellent customer service - went the extra mile"

Excellent customer service - went the extra mile . Very happy with the watch - great to wear ! 

ANONYMOUS, April 27, 2020

Show your affection for that special someone or treat yourself with our rose gold ladies' watches. They're great accessories to compliment your style!

Nordgreen's rose gold watch for women is an example of elegance, meeting a rich pink shade. Combined with copper, gold, and silver for the perfect blend that maintains an ageless glow that never tarnishes. We keep our watch designs minimal in their detail because life's complicated enough. See how our rose gold suits our combination of dial colours and straps below.

The moments that you'll spend gazing at the rounded edges of our Native Lille watch in rose gold will make you the envy of your admirers. Carrying the smallest size in our selection of women's watch cases, 32mm is sometimes all a woman needs to show off on her wrists. Of course, if you prefer, the Native comes in 36 and 40mm as well. 

So, how deep is your desire for a subtle detail that foreshadows endless possibilities? The Infinity watch in rose gold highlights just how in-depth we're willing to go to bring simple details to life! A dial that curves upward on its edges and its hourly marks elongated along the dial's curvature, symbolising an uninterrupted flow of time. The Infinity Rose Gold is about the sweet, golden moments in your life. 

Native | White Dial - Mesh - 40mm / Rose Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Mesh
Native | White Dial - Black Leather - 40mm / Rose Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Black Leather
Native | Navy Dial - Mesh - 40mm / Rose Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | Navy Dial - Mesh
Native | Black Dial - Mesh - 40mm / Rose Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | Black Dial - Mesh

Conically shaped with an elevated case, the Rose Gold Philosopher is a strong contender of things to talk about while meeting up with friends. The precise, brushed edges of its rose gold case definitely add this watch to the ranks of nice watches for women. 

A rose gold mesh strap is the trendy choice for our women's watches. Dare to be different when you select additional straps from our watch strap bundle deals!

In this modern age of smartphones, having a watch might seem to be superfluous. After all, why bother checking a watch when you can check the time on your phone? There are a few reasons, actually. 

First off, do you really want to have to dig through your purse every time you need to check the time? If you're out and about, you need to be able to focus on what's going on around you. A quick glance at your watch is far faster than getting your smartphone out. 

What's more, it's also a lot less intrusive. If you're speaking to someone, it's rude to open up your smartphone. It'll definitely raise eyebrows. A quick glance at your wrist, however, is bound to go unnoticed.

Productivity can suffer if we rely on our smartphones. How many of us have the discipline not to check our messages when we check our phones?

The final reason? You don't have to worry about a low battery making you late. A watch battery lasts between two and three years on a single "charge." No smartphone can match that.

Bonus reason: You look stylish and fashionable with a modern watch on your wrist!

Rose Gold Ladies' Watches

Now, let's move beyond the primary timekeeping aspect. A stylish rose gold female watch can be used to complete your look. If you don't like wearing a lot of jewellery, a good watch can give your outfit an extra touch of polish.

It's a finishing touch that says, "I care about the details." The watch that you wear tells others a lot about your personality. If you're wearing a Mickey Mouse watch, for example, people might think that you have a fun and funky side.

It wouldn't go over well in the boardroom, but it could work if you're in a more creative profession. Rose gold ladies' watches are an excellent accessory that you can wear in a professional environment. They transition nicely from business to casual wear, as well. 

Women's rose gold watches look professional in a business setting and can easily be dressed down for a more casual look.

Every woman should have at least one high-quality timepiece in her wardrobe. Not only will it help you keep time, but it also helps you feel more confident. It shows that you have taste and style, which is extremely important for looking good.

A top-quality women's watch in a classic style won't date as quickly as fashion variants. Look after it well, and you'll be able to pass it on to your own daughter someday. These watches also make great presents for any occasion. Rose gold watches are a safe choice due to it's minimal, universally wearable and beautiful design.

Naturally, there is a wide range of choices available to you. We prefer sophisticated simplicity in our timepieces. It's worth paying a little more and getting a watch that will look great for years.

You can probably find cheaper high-fashion models, but they don't look as appealing anymore when you consider the cost-per-wear. Would you rather spend £50 on something that you'll wear for one season or £200 on something that will last a lifetime?

Rose Gold Watches for Women by Nordgreen

We opted for three simple designs for our women and girls rose gold watch line. Why just three? There are two great reasons – hygge and that it allows us to focus on quality. What we have done, though, is to give you a full range of options that will enable you to customise your timepiece.

When checking through our catalogue, you'll see that you have several choices to make:

  • The dial colour: The dial colour can be White, Navy, or Black, depending on the model. 
  • The strap: We have various choices when it comes to the strap – stainless steel mesh in gold/ rose gold/silver, nylon, leather, vegan leather, or rubber.
  • The case itself: Choose between the following options – Rose Gold, gold, silver, and gunmetal grey. The figures on the dial are the same colour as the case.

If you find a timepiece that you like, check to see what other options there are.

The Native

Our Native design is classic and elegant. The watch has rounded lugs and a slightly rounded case. The face of the watch is clean—only the hours are marked on it. This is the perfect option for the no-nonsense woman who values simplicity. 

The Philosopher

The Philosopher is a range that features clean lines. You can watch the seconds, minutes, and hours tick away with this model. It also has a handy date window inside the dial. The design is completed with lugs.

This is the perfect option for children who don't quite understand how to tell the time yet. They don't have to guess about the time because each minute is marked for them.

The Infinity

This is simplicity itself. The inside of the dial is clear so that nothing gets in the way of reading the time. This model doesn't have lugs, either, so there is no gap between the watch and the straps.

Don't Forget Our Strap Bundles

If you want the maximum versatility of your watch, consider buying one of our strap bundles. That way, you can match the strap more precisely to the outfit that you're wearing.

More than 10 Rose Gold Ladies' Watches Available

At Nordgreen, we favour function and simplicity over bling. If you're looking for women's watches in rose gold with a lot of bling, you'll want to look elsewhere. Our company embraces minimalist design.

For those not familiar with this concept, it's about simplifying your life. By making things simpler, we get more time to focus on the things that truly matter. Our range has been designed by Jakob Wagner to match this principle personally.

We dreamed of a simple range of high-quality pieces, and Scandinavia's favourite designer delivered in spades. Simplicity in design makes it easy to match any look that you might have. So, while a fashion piece may have some beautiful pizzazz, it's not nearly as versatile. 

Why Buy from Us?

In Denmark, we believe that if anything is worth doing, it should be done correctly. We start with high-quality materials. Our watches are then assembled by hand. Finally, they are carefully inspected before they leave our workshop.

Each item comes with our two-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. Should something go wrong during this time, get in touch. This can be done directly through our site or at the retailer that sold you the watch.

We'll examine the watch and either repair or replace it.

What Goes into Our Watches?

You won't believe how much time it took to develop the perfect design elements, but design aside, we use high-quality materials from trusted suppliers. The components include:

Top-Notch Movements

The internal mechanism responsible for timekeeping is known as movement. This integral component is what makes the watch keep time. That's why we use the best of the best. Our supplier, Miyota, has established a sterling reputation for outstanding accuracy.

High-Quality Batteries

The battery used in a watch has a significant impact on its usefulness. We use high-quality batteries that will last for two or three years. Should your watch stop ticking, getting a new battery might be all that you need.

Sapphire Scratch-proof Watches

We choose sapphire glass here. It's one of the hardest types of glass. It's scratch-resistant and stands up to knocks well. We don't advise dropping a brick on it, but the odd bump won't do any harm.


We've focused on our lady rose gold watch range here. You can change the look instantly by using any of the interchangeable straps that we sell. For these watches, you should choose a rose gold watch strap.

Choose between:

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is perfect for a challenging working environment. It's tough and won't be damaged by exposure to water.
  • Italian Leather: We use creamy, top-grade Italian leather. It's smooth and supple and very durable.
  • Rubber: Rubber straps are ideal for situations where there's a lot of heat. The rubber won't heat up as much as stainless steel might. It won't be damaged by steam either.
  • Vegan Leather: If you're a vegan, wearing real leather has no appeal to you. That's why we also offer vegan leather straps to our clients. 


Our entire range will resist water. The odd splash here and there won't do any harm. If you're planning on swimming, though, take the watch off first.

Our Sustainable Initiatives

Carbon Neutral
By planting 1000's of trees we have offset our carbon emissions generated by our office here in Copenhagen. Equally, each of our global shipments have been offset, including your Nordgreen order.
Sustainable Packaging
All our packaging is FSC certified. The cardboard paper in our packaging comes from responsibly managed forests. The felt insides of the box are formed using up-cycled plastic bottles.
Giving Back Programme
Our Giving Back Programme upholds our Nordic and Danish values of health, education, and environment, and in doing so, establishes partnerships with relatable charitable organizations around the globe.
Responsible Manufacturing
By partnering with Danish partners abroad we ensure that our overseas production facilities adhere to the highest standards while following Danish labor practices.

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