Nurses Watch

Nurses have one of the toughest jobs in the world. Nurses save lives, deal with an onslaught of crises every day, and comfort families, never off their feet for more than a few minutes during grueling shift work.

Doctors receive all the applause, but nurses are undeniably the backbone of the hospital and crucial to whether it functions optimally or not.

We have dedicated this post to the unsung crusaders of the field: the nurses.

We dig deep to come out with the five nurse watches that can make nurses' jobs easier. We're well aware that anything you can use to take the smallest pressure off is significant in this line of work.

We're focusing on male nurse watches because they’re a rare find and a growing industry. The nurse watch must have everything that a medical professional would want, including comfort, durability, and the ability to make pulse-taking infinitely easier. You can also check out out paramedic watch section for more watches.

Native | White Dial - Mesh - 40mm / Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Mesh
Philosopher - Mesh - 40mm / Gold
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Mesh
£170.00 £179.00

Why Choose a Nordgreen Timepiece?

In the nursing field, you must make split-second decisions. You need a wrist watch that is easy to operate and to read. No one, however, says that this nurse watch needs to be boring.

At Nordgreen, we achieve a good balance between form and function. Our watch designs are simple and perfect for busy nurses. We enlisted the help of the top designer, Jakob Wagner, to ensure that our watch models had a timeless appeal.

We then sourced the best materials possible so that we could offer our watches at rates that average working nurses could afford.

Did we have to make sacrifices along the way?

Naturally, when you focus on providing high-quality at manageable prices, you've got to sacrifice something. In this case, we chose to stick to basic features and a pared-down range. We've got just four eye-catching models to choose from, but allow a variety of customizations. 

Choose your perfect combination of case and dial colour and size, and strap. 

Every piece is assembled by hand and then rechecked before shipping. We care about building an iconic brand, so we take extra care. 

Interested in what we have to offer? Let’s dive right in.

The Best Nurse Watch for Males

The Pioneer

The Pioneer watch comes in as our best option for male nurses. At 42mm, the dial is simple to read. We've included small inset dials too. One counts the seconds off, and the other is a stopwatch. Both come in handy when taking a pulse or administering an IV.

Select a rubber strap for maximum utility in a hospital situation. Rubber is also extremely easy to clean. Get a second set of straps in leather/ vegan leather or stainless steel for a more upmarket look.

Aside from the size, you can choose any watch customization option we offer, including choosing a royal blue or black face colour, and a silver, gold, rose gold, or gunmetal case colour.

The Philosopher

As nurses, it’s essential to get the timing right. This watch model includes minute and hour markings and the date. We’ve also added a third hand so that you know what time it is down to the second.

The Philosopher watch is entirely customizable except for the dial colour. As Henry Ford would say, you can select any colour as long as it's white. All the other customization options are available to you here.

The Native

Looking for an uncomplicated alternative as an antidote to your busy days? The Native's stainless steel dial features only the hour markings. It's a fine nurse watch that relies on flawless design rather than flashy watch features as a selling point. Customisations include blue, black or white face colours, and any strap material we offer.


Looking for something that’s not as plain as the Native watch but not as complex as the Philosopher watch ? The Infinity falls perfectly in the middle. It doesn’t feature the date or a third hand but does mark hours and minutes.

It’s a good option for nurses in the ER because there are no lugs on the side to snag on medical equipment, helping you provide the best experience to your patients.