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Our men's watch rubber strap picks are designed for the practical, outdoor-bound man that wants something to hold up well against the abuse while remaining functional.

We designed this rubber strap in the versatile black colour so that they can first meet your needs for something lightweight and durable – then match the rest of your wardrobe and jewellery effortlessly too.

Browse the options that we have in the shop today, whether you are customising a new chronograph watch or simply buying replacement watch straps.

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Black Dial - Black Silicone
£110.00 £219.00


White Dial - Black Silicone
£110.00 £219.00


Navy Dial - Black Silicone
£110.00 £219.00


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Are rubber strap watches good?

The silicone/rubber strap watches have been here for a long time now, and they have held up their end of the bargain quite fine. Otherwise, we won't have them around anymore today – and we surely won't be the brand that brings you something that's not worth the price.

Among other things, here are some reasons why you want to have this bracelet alternative in your arsenal:

  • Durability – We have talked about this before, but we cannot talk about it too much either. Rubber/Silicone straps come with a high tensile strength that allows them to absorb impact effortlessly, ensuring your watch strap doesn't break at the slightest impact.
  • Aesthetics – from the colour to the design, this rubber strap collection has it all. At Nordgreen, we provide you with a selection of men's options to choose from to suit your taste and style.
  • Fit – like leather, you can get the right size of men's straps to fit your wrist like it was made directly for it. Employing a buckle system gives this another advantage over bracelet straps, giving you room for adjustment in real-time.
  • Ease of cleaning – spend more time doing what you love with your watch on hand when you have a men's rubber watch strap to call on. Now that you can clean with relative ease, you don't have to worry about that part of your routine as much anymore.
  • Water-resistance – our men's metal bracelets are also treated to work with water and come out unscathed but not as specialised as their silicone counterparts. These men's straps are like a diamond pick when you are spending a lot of time around water, and you don't want to keep worrying about the health of your watches.

The best part is that all of our watch bands are interchangeable. Thus, you can get a Native, Pioneer chronograph or Philosopher watch with another band and purchase a replacement silicone/rubber strap to go with the watch whenever you want to go outdoors.

Browse our rubber/ silicone watch strap collection right now – and you might even get access to a free rubber strap if it's that time of the year at Nordgreen.

What rubber is used for watch straps?

This is a valid question, especially if you have sensitive skin and are wary of what goes onto your wrists.

When you shop with Nordgreen, you get a bunch of hypoallergenic watches that trickles from the case into the straps themselves. The same treatment is applied to the silicone/rubber watch straps that we have on sale in 2021.

This is evident in the thickness, softness and style of the material that we put out here.

Explore this premium alternative to men's metal watches at the right price, even though we bring you the real deal. Save with us and still get to experience the blessings of this strap material.

Whether you are buying for yourself or as gifts, our men's rubber watches and the rubber straps sold in the shop as a standalone will always be a fine choice for anyone that appreciates the fine yet simpler things of life. Choose your perfect dial colour, and you have yourself a customised men's watch with all the features you could need.

How long do rubber watch straps last?

Longer than the average, we can tell you that much.

Silicone straps – the well-made ones that is – can last up to a year or more with proper usage and maintenance.

Dive into the world of quality that we offer with our silicone watch strap collection today. Whether for a 32mm watch or up to 40mm picks, you're at the place to shop your right options.

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