Milanese watch strap collection

Milanese Watch Strap Collection

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"Excellent service, high quality products"

Ordered on a sunday, received on tuesday which is phenomenal in the current circumstances. Love the watch, really classy

Chris Brown, May 27 2020

"Lovely Scandinavian design, good quality"

Love my new Native watch! Stylish, minimalist and elegant. Beautiful design. Ordered an extra strap so I can change them. Easily changeable.

Judit Bartok, May 22 2020

"Professional and easy to follow purchasing experience"

Choosing my watch was straight forward on the website, ordering was smooth, keeping me informed was done at the correct level and delivery was timely.

Henry Wilson, April 27 2020


Quick delivery, watch looks great and love the CSR scheme to give back to the environment. 5 stars!

Ben Challenger, April 27, 2020

"Excellent customer service - went the extra mile"

Excellent customer service - went the extra mile . Very happy with the watch - great to wear ! 

ANONYMOUS, April 27, 2020

A Milanese mesh watch is not only exquisite and exotic in how it sounds. These are those watches that turn heads, carry details that fit your outfit perfectly and still get the job done without drawing too much attention to itself.

That is what you get when you take the chance on one of the stainless steel Milanese mesh watch strap picks that we carry for men and women.

Designed to fit snugly, boost your fashion accessories, partner well with your outfits and provide a comfortable fit to match, join other customers who have bought and keep enjoying these watch bracelet designs.

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Silver Mesh - 32mm

What is a Milanese Watch Strap?

Unlike conventional stainless steel bracelets, the Milanese mesh watch strap is a classic bracelet designed to mimic an interwoven mesh made of stainless steel. These details not only give the stainless steel material a better look and feel but keeps it better breathable and suited to your wardrobe choices.

Milanese mesh originated from Italy in a town called Milan. Milan was famous for its unique mesh style, and it became the specialIty of the region for many years. At the beginning of the 19th century, the Milanese mesh design was quick to be used in watch bracelets.

Key into that long-standing history of quality and excellence behind these eye-catching straps when you buy from us today. Use our strap selector to find and order what Milanese mesh watch strap will fit in your watch lug, and pay for one of the best investments in your wardrobe today.

Are Milanese mesh watch straps good?

Long story short: yes.

Milanese mesh watch straps have ensured the delivery of a neat, well-fit and put together look for a long time now. If they did not live up to their name, they wouldn't still be here today.

But then, again, all that could be our sentiments talking.

So, we looked at the customers who have made this their preferred choice and what they love about the straps. Here are some pointers that you’ll find useful too:

  • A Milanese mesh watch strap is a good choice for achieving the look of a solid metal watch bracelet while taking advantage of the breathability of the material stainless steel.
  • A variety of colour options to search through, giving the best approach to matching your wardrobe better. Our options include gold, silver, rose gold, black, and gunmetal grey.
  • Adjustable length and properly sized width dimensions such that it sizes any wrist you want to wear it on.
  • The mesh style of the watch bracelet creates hundreds of small holes between the loops, which means that water will pass right through these holes without damaging the metal.
  • Milanese mesh watches are very sturdy. The structural integrity of the material has been proven countlessly over time.

Order your Milanese mesh watch straps from us today to take advantage of the various benefits that this watch band has proven for our customer base. The earlier you get started, the faster you can see what these bands hold for you also.

Are Milanese Straps Formal?

The information on what dress watches are supposed to look like, for both men and women, allows for stainless steel material in the watch strap build.

But then, we are so used to link-style stainless steel that the Milanese mesh bracelets might look out of place.

The year is 2021 – and we can tell you that this bracelet design fits with your dress outfits too.

Whether you are going to a formal party, got an invite to dinner, attending an office function or going networking, you won’t go wrong with this product. Wait till you see how many heads you turn at that event with such a fine watch around your wrist before you come back to thank us.

If there’s any great way to stay original, it is by breaking away from the pack. Step into your formal settings in the company of the Milanese mesh bracelets that we make available for you and you’ll instantly be in a category of your own.

Is the Milanese loop band worth it?

The adjustable Milanese loop band is the type you buy when:

  • You want to break away from the classic stainless steel design into something more functional;
  • You want a stylish dress watch that doesn’t draw too much attention to itself while still retaining a function of luxury;
  • You need a functional strap across different size options, from 20mm through 40mm and beyond.
  • You’d like a twist on your stainless steel outdoor watches which doesn’t make them less durable nor applicable; and
  • You evolve with the times, so you want to know what moves the needle in 2021 and beyond.

If you nodded to one or more of the above, it is time to shop our Milanese watch straps and take advantage of their promises for you.

Nordgreen Watches to Pair a Milanese Mesh With

Fortunately, all of our watches are made to work beautifully with the Milanese mesh strap.

We could have kept this to some line-ups only, but that will be denying the lovers of other series the chance to get in on this perfect watch strap material.

When shopping, these are the options we have on hand for you:

  • Pioneer – as the name implies, the Pioneer Chronograph started it all. Check out what a chronograph watch with a sturdy stainless steel lug holds for you.
  • Native – designed for those who want the barest minimum on a watch. Grab a Native watch with the Milanese watch strap and you are fully set for any dress events.
  • Philosopher – ensuring a unisex delivery that works for both men and women, the Philosopher watch is a master at seamlessly transitioning between multiple worlds and purposes with ease.
  • Unika – created for the ladies with style, our Unika line-up brings your search for a classic and stylish watch to an end.

Browse our collection of mesh watch bands that resonates with your sense of style, fashion and design today – and wonder why you didn’t get started on them earlier.

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