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Men's Gold Mesh Watch

Men's Gold Mesh Watch

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Men's Gold Mesh Watch
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Sometimes it’s hard to choose a perfect watch to wear. If you want to look elegant, there are few factors you always have to reconsider. Pairing a watch with your outfit might sound easy, but you need to pay attention to details. When we say pairing a wristwatch, we actually mean pairing both the dial and a watch strap with your outfit. And, pairing these two together is a must. For instance, a men’s gold mesh watch can’t be a diver’s watch; it’s just too unnatural. Also, a wooden watch with a rubber band on an elegant event shows a lack of style. To explain it a bit further, we will make our usual trip through time.

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NR36SIMESIXX NR40SIMESIXX NR28SIMESIXX &Native silver watch mens - white dial - mesh strap
NR36SIMESIXX NR40SIMESIXX NR28SIMESIXX &Native silver watch mens - white dial - mesh strap


White Dial - Mesh
£131.00 £154.00
PH40RGMEROXX PH36RGMEROXX &Philosopher mens white face watches - rose gold case - mesh strap
PH40RGMEROXX PH36RGMEROXX &Philosopher mens white face watches - rose gold case - mesh strap


£152.00 £179.00
NR36GOMEGONA NR40GOMEGONA &Native mens gold watches - navy blue dial - mesh strap
NR28GOMEGONA NR32GOMEGONA NR36GOMEGONA N402GOMEGONA &Native mens gold watches - navy blue dial - mesh strap


Navy Dial - Mesh
£92.00 £154.00
IN40GOMEGOXXIN32GOMEGOXX &Infinity gold watch women - white dial - mesh strap
IN40GOMEGOXX IN32GOMEGOXX &Infinity gold watch women - white dial - mesh strap


£144.00 £169.00

Gold Mesh Watch Strap

£37.00 £44.00

Gold Mesh Watch Strap

£37.00 £44.00

Gold Mesh Strap

£37.00 £44.00

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History of mesh straps

Mesh straps are often called milanaise or Milanese, meaning their origin is in Milan, Italy. Even in ancient times, the tribe of Etruscans knew the secret of perfectly knitting metal coils. The Rennasaince and baroque eras was a perfect time for resurrecting this long-forgotten craft. Especially in Milan, where the most practised goldsmiths knew the secret of making mesh from fine golden fibres. They used mesh patterns in bracelets, necklaces, and other luxury jewellery pieces. The Milanese craft was so well-recognised that it became a standard term, even in watchmaking. Of course, with today’s advanced technology, the whole process is automatised. But that didn’t lower the quality of work; on the contrary, it removed the human factor and now, every single piece of mesh is perfect.

Mesh straps were quite popular in the 1970s, especially for scuba divers. They were known as shark-proof straps, but they were not; it was just clever marketing to attract the customers with a catchy name. And they succeeded because mesh straps are one of the most popular choices for watch enthusiasts. The mesh straps on the diver’s watches were quite robust, while we at Nordgreen prefer more subtle and finer craft for our versatile watches.

Does Nordgreen offer a men’s gold mesh watch?

We most certainly do because, at Nordgreen, we offer mesh straps as a part of our interchangeable straps offer. With our outstanding offer of watch models, an even richer offer of straps follows. Besides the leather, vegan leather, nylon, and rubber straps, we also have a significant offer of mesh straps for both men’s and women’s watches. Our mesh straps are, just like our watches, made from the most quality stainless steel 316L. Every one of our mesh straps consists of rows and rows of stainless steel fibres coiled together in a smooth yet almost indestructible fabric. Every single one of our mesh straps has smooth endings, feels cold on the touch, and is flexible around the wrist.

In our offer, you can choose from a rose gold or gold colour of your men’s watch, along with the silver and gunmetal option. And to pair it up perfectly, you can choose from five different mesh strap colours:

  • gold
  • rose gold
  • gunmetal
  • black
  • silver

Meaning you can have your men’s gold mesh watch paired with another colour of choice. And even better, you can choose from standard, yellow gold colour, or go with the gentler nuances of rose gold.

What are the advantages of the Nordgreen mesh straps?

  • To start, their length is completely adjustable, meaning you can’t go wrong with the size. The whole process takes less than half of the minute and secures the perfect fit for your wrist. It’s one of the many reasons why this type of strap is so popular.
  • By using the most durable, hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel, we secured the longevity and the affordability of our mesh straps. Precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum usually don’t last long and cost significantly more. We like our watches affordable, and the aesthetic look of the stainless steel is timeless. After all, you can get them in yellow gold or rose gold colour. Your men’s gold mesh watch can have a yellow gold case and a rose gold strap or vice versa.
  • Mesh has a classical look that goes great with our elegant, minimalistic watch models. Even if you choose some other watch model, the mesh strap will add a pinch of style.
  • Like everyone else, watch lovers seek the perfect ratio of price, durability, good look, and comfort. We dare to say, our mesh straps have a perfect ratio for every feature.

How to pair a men’s gold mesh watch with the outfit

Although no style rule is written in stone, here are a few suggestions that will pull out the best look from your gold watch. Golden watches are not for a sporty look; they just stick out in that case and not in a good way. Formal wear and a gold watch will look stunning always. Just don’t forget to pair the rest of your jewellery with the watch. Meaning, belt buckle, cufflinks, and all the other metal details of your outfit should also be in golden colour. Avoid stuffing too many pieces of jewellery on yourself.

If you want your watch to be seen, remember to not wear long sleeves. However, if you are attending a black-tie event, your watch shouldn’t be seen at all. There is a thin line between elegance and flashing your watch to the mob.

Gold mesh watches go well with a bit darker outfit colours, but you can always add a white tie to break the look up. Avoid overgrown, bulky watches. There is no chance in the world they can ever look classy. Remember, you are a gentleman, not a pre-teen who got his fortune on Youtube or an oil mogul. For a rose gold watch, you don’t need to buy yourself a rose outfit. Just apply the same rules as with the yellow gold watches.

In the end, your watch is yours to wear, in every way you want. The most important part is that you feel good wearing it. All the other things are irrelevant.

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