Gold Watch for Women

Gold Watch for Women

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Ordered on a sunday, received on tuesday which is phenomenal in the current circumstances. Love the watch, really classy

Chris Brown, May 27 2020

"Lovely Scandinavian design, good quality"

Love my new Native watch! Stylish, minimalist and elegant. Beautiful design. Ordered an extra strap so I can change them. Easily changeable.

Judit Bartok, May 22 2020

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Choosing my watch was straight forward on the website, ordering was smooth, keeping me informed was done at the correct level and delivery was timely.

Henry Wilson, April 27 2020


Quick delivery, watch looks great and love the CSR scheme to give back to the environment. 5 stars!

Ben Challenger, April 27, 2020

"Excellent customer service - went the extra mile"

Excellent customer service - went the extra mile . Very happy with the watch - great to wear ! 

ANONYMOUS, April 27, 2020

Gold watches for women are not new, but some emerging concerns around this piece of jewellery need to be addressed.

From solid to plated and what makes the best gold ladies' watches, the questions are almost endless.

Today, we choose the popular and most burning questions in 2021 and provide the answers to them. Next, we will also reveal a gold watch women love from Nordgreen.

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Do gold watches look tacky?

These women's bracelet watches can look tacky, depending on how they are made and how they are also worn. This is why you should be careful when giving one as a gift.

Most times, the gold-plated women's watches (which are the most popular kinds today) can be so poorly made that they stand out against your style. That is why you should always go with top brands when you shop for women's watches.

Likewise, you can switch things up by adding a women's rose gold timepiece to your collection. It will not only match the styles that you paired with gold before but also bring something unique to the table.

What is the best gold wristwatch?

To choose the best ladies' watches, you would have to consider all:

  • The brand
  • Strap style and size
  • Your taste
  • Dial
  • Preferred watch movement
  • Occasion (wedding/engagement watches can be found in a different category)
  • Price point/ value for money and
  • Quality, among other things.

If you are going for solid gold, shop around with luxury brands. You can, however, still get a feeling of luxury when you have offers like:

You can choose to pair any of the finishes with a stainless steel or leather/vegan leather strap, which comes in black, brown, white, rose, and more.

Does a gold wristwatch go with everything?

Depending on the kind of gold – from the classic finishes to contemporary rose gold – these women's strap watches will go in line with accessories and outfits with brown, tan, beige, and other earth tones. The metallic colour is also a clear match for neutral hues and deserves a seat in every collection.

How do you wear a gold strap watch casually?

Most ladies do not know they can wear a golden strap watch at any time and day.

The first and most important trick is to be bold with your choice. Otherwise, the lack of confidence shines through your demeanour when wearing such a fine timepiece. Furthermore, make sure the strap watch is paired to the event at hand, whether an engagement, wedding, or work.

For example, the Native watch (suggested above) is simple enough to be worn with dress accessories or as a casual strap watch. Finally, pick a watch/strap that complements your casual look – which differs from person to person.

Do gold watches scratch easily?

A watch from the same manufacturer will scratch almost the same as, say, a silver watch.

Here, the colour is not the issue, but the quality of materials employed by the brand. In other words, only shop from a premium and trustworthy brand.

Of course, most of these watches are gold-plated, but some brands pay more attention to detail than others.

That said, though, the metal is premium, but it is not diamond that will rarely scratch. While good women's bracelet watches won't scratch easily, care still must be taken to prevent them from scratching at all.

How do you dress with a gold watch?

We mentioned that the Native watch is a nice dress/wedding watch to have in your collection, but how do you pair it with dresses?

The golden rule is to go against the tone of your watch on your outfit and jewellery.

For example, a light-tone watch pairs well with darker colours such as brown and deep shades of blue. On the other hand, the beauty of a deeper golden shade is best appreciated in lighter colours such as yellow and subtle shades of any other bright/ dark colour.

Another important rule is to avoid two-tone women's bracelet watches. Unless you are confident that you can pull them off, that is.

A good rule of thumb is to also match the metal colour of your ladies' watch to your jewellery (rings, bracelet, etc.) or to the metal buckle on your leather bag for a cohesive style.

The secret is in the contrast.

What is the best dial for a gold watch?

Dark women's dials are usually the winner in every argument but not this time.

White dials go exceptionally well with a gold women's watch, especially if the frame is finished with rose gold too. Likewise, we have seen mother-of-pearl dials with gold watch finishes look extremely chic.

If you so prefer, though, nothing is stopping you from buying a golden-frame watch/strap with a dark dial.

What is the best bracelet for a gold watch?

To achieve a complete jewellery appeal, look no further than a stainless steel bracelet. We recommend having the same finish on your strap as on the watch case. Likewise, mesh strap material finds better application in women's fashion than with men – and they go with these watches any day.

But then, who said you had to have a bracelet on watches at all cost?

Although more common on men, women can also match a nice gold watch with premium leather. With more leather hue choices these days, there is no shortage of strap style options you can buy next.

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