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WanderJess X Nordgreen's first ever collaboration

YouTube content creator WanderJess and Nordgreen collaborated to present a brand-new limited-edition watch. From now on, we will introduce everything that has happened behind the scene during the WanderJess x Nordgreen collaboration. It even includes the story of WanderJess’s special meeting for a new giving back program with NGO institution “Wonders”!

WanderJess's Pick

The “Native” watch selected by WanderJess is a model that has all the features that she seeks for. It’s comfy yet practical and it has a trendy design that never gets old. It’s a great piece of watch that can suit your everyday styles. The biggest feature of this collaborated edition is the signature and the personal message from WanderJess on the back of the casing. It also comes with silver mesh straps which is a perfect fit for this Summer season. WanderJess’s Limited edition is now only available on Nordgreen! Why not come and meet this new edition?

International Development Cooperation NGO “Wonders”

Last October, WanderJess visited the Luang Prabang area of Laos and shared the video of Wonders’ social enterprise Aromdi on Youtube. In preparation for this project, WanderJess and Nordgreen wondered how we could make the most practical and meaningful donating program possible. With all the considerations in mind, we have decided to sponsor a project run by Wonders in Laos. It is a Laos coffee seedlings support program. Every WanderJess limited-edition watch purchased will contribute 25 coffee seedlings to the Vieng Kham area in Laos. Now! Should we take a look at the effect of the coffee seedling support project?

Through this coffee seedling support program, we provide the opportunity to become economically independent to those residents living near the Vieng Kham area. It is not just a one-time help, but one of the most practical and long-term support that can actually bring changes in income.

The second biggest benefits of this project are that it allows us to conserve the forests by keep planting new seedlings. In the Vieng Kham area, there has been a long tradition where farmers burn the forests to do rice farming and it has been the main cause of forest destruction. This method of farming is one of the oldest farming techniques in human history, but it has a big drawback because it burns forests. The coffee seedling support project can not only preserve forests by preventing forest burn farming techniques but also it generates a business that is very high in value.

An opportunity to meet WanderJess’s limited edition watch is now only available at Nordgreen. Get to know more and experience the watch and also help the people living in Laos’s Mountain Village to become economically independent! Only limited quantities are available so hurry while it lasts!

June 29, 2020 by Jesper Stoltze

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