Yellow Face Watch for Men and Women

It never hurts to have a little bit of sunshine around you for the day.

Imagine all that lustrous brightness, illuminating the hours and earning you meaningful conversations in the coffee break room.

Whenever you look at the time, imagine getting a bright smile from the dial egging you to go on and make the best of the day.

Even if you were not darting to and from the watch face, the watch face would still do a great job of matching your ensemble perfectly for the uniform look you want.

These, and many more, are the promises that you get from our yellow-faced watches.

An Exclusively Bright Promise

We know you love these yellow-faced models, and we do want to keep them around forever too.

If we could, trust us, we would.

Already, we keep a low inventory which makes it possible to reduce management costs, passing on those price savings to you.

This is one of the many reasons why we can afford to fit your beautiful wrists with luxury timepieces at such affordable price points.

We take things a step further by making sure we can go back to business as usual after offering these limited-edition series to our beloved customers.

Thus, we want you to have a slice of the exclusivity that comes with not just using an award-winning Nordgreen watch but one that not many people in the world has.

That sounds like a treat, doesn't it?

Make sure you get in on this bright yellow promise by picking up your unit before we run out of stock.

Here's one thing we promise, though:

We will never artificially hike the price, nor will we drive up demand with some underhand tactics just to make you buy.

As with everything else we do at Nordgreen, our processes will remain transparent until the last unit is shipped off to its lucky owner.

The Case for Yellow Dial Watches

If they have never crossed your mind before, allow us to indulge you for a bit.

Watches have been here for so long that you would not believe that just about two colours dominate everywhere.

Take a gentle look around you, check out the watches on different wrists, and you will confirm one thing:

There are more black and white dials than other colours.

We challenged the norms when we introduced a deep blue watch face for more variety. You asked for something special, so we came up with a special mother-of-pearl watch face that takes the sun's reflections to a new stage.

But there was still something missing: a bright colour that grabs attention stands out as a movement of its own and easily blends into your style.

That is where the yellow face watches came to be for us.

We didn't just go with the first hue of yellow that we got, though.

While bright and brilliant, not all shades of yellow will be beautiful on a watch that tends towards minimalism as the Philosopher. Working with our head designer, we explored the right mix of bold and energetic yellow dial colours to come up with one that works.

If you'd like to have a slice of the sun on your wrists and stay cool while at it, grab your copy of the yellow face Philosopher watch in the shop today. Note that this is a limited-edition timepiece, so your chances to wear one of these truly iconic, award-winning, quartz-powered models depends on the interest and availability.

Shop Men's Yellow Face Watches

Who said the bright colours cannot be for men too?

We know that the gents in the house would do anything to go with black-on-black watches. Some gents try to infuse a little bit of colour into their outfit by choosing the white dial instead.

Nordgreen watches have proven that men can shine in blue dials (blue dial watch) and enjoy the mother of pearl dial also (mother-of-pearl dial watch).

To mark the turning of time and the seasons, we introduced two more colourful dials for the men who choose to stand out. These were the Pioneer chronograph watches with green and brown sunray dials depicting the spring and fall.

Now, the yellow-faced watch puts a crown on those designs.

Staying true to the minimalist tendencies that you appreciate, our Philosopher watches offer a present of mild yet brilliant yellow that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.

You can combine the yellow-faced watch with your suits, pair it with an outdoor outfit or just keep it on as an evening watch. The fashion rules might keep you from wearing them to dress functions, but you have the choice to rewrite those rules now.

Stay true to your sense of style with an assortment of straps you love, customising the watch further to meet your specific needs.

It doesn't get better than that.

If you feel like rewriting your watch-wearing history with a coloured dial, here is the chance to pick a dial colour that stands out to you.

Buy Yellow Dial Watches for Women

Whether you are posing for an Instagram shot, jetting to an important business meeting, opening up shop on the first day of the week, or blazing the trails on the weekend, you know to complete your outfit with a watch.

Not just any watch either, but one that is worth your time and piques your interest.

If there is anything that we know about the Nordgreen ladies and women already, it is how they never settle for the boring, drab, and uninspiring. At the same time, you don't want anything bogus that just screams for unnecessary attention.

This led us to the point where we created such yellow dial watches that you would not be able to resist.

Before you shop any of these watches, you should get familiar with all that's coming your way:

A range of case diameter sizes that allows you to find the right fit for your wrists, a reflective blend of the silver casing with a yellow dial, and a laid-back luxury watch complicated with no more than a date window.

While subject to availability, we have only one promise to you:

Everyone gets a fair chance to shop our watches, but you might not get them when they run out of stock.

If you are a fan, you don't get much time to stand on the sidelines. Get into the shop, secure a copy of your women's yellow face Philosopher watch, and expect a bright surprise in the mail.

Let Your Straps Do the Talking

Sometimes, you can say much more with the watch-straps pairing than you do with the watch alone.

Whether it's how you like to spend your days, your sense of style or the best pairing for the movement, the choice of straps can define a lot about you.

Here are some examples, for starters, to guide you in choosing the best straps:

  • Stainless steel – ideal for the office goer, great for formal events, and finds good standing with dinners too. Choose our stainless steel strap in any of 3-Link, 5-Link or mesh, and customise with a gold, rose gold, gunmetal grey or silver paint job to match.
  • Genuine Italian leather – leather rivals what you can get with stainless steel, then adds some cherry on top. Besides all of the above, leather is great on outdoor and casual watches too. Don't go near the waters anytime soon, and any of the black/ black croc, patina grey, olive green, brown/ dark brown or navy-blue leathers that you get from us will last very long.
  • Vegan leather – when you want all that leather offers but without any animal parts, vegan leather is the way to go. Our vegan leather collection, available in black and brown, are designed to mimic the real thing. You won't even know the difference!
  • Nylon – for the core outdoor lover or wearers simply looking for a casual watch that can go to the park, backyard BBQs and such other events, nylon straps sound like the ideal pick for you.

The best part is yet to come. Here it is:

You can pick up replacement straps with any of our watches such that you switch up the style on any given day. Improve the range of your watch and get more out of a single timepiece with these easily swappable bands.

On the further upside, you can use these straps with other watch brands too, so what do you have to lose?

Luxury Watch Quality at Its Peak

Luxury doesn't have to be expensive – and we have proven that with our line of watches.

We are a step ahead of other luxury brands in how we intelligently manage our inventory and watch collection to minimise costs and give you the best prices.

For that, we don't cut corners on the manufacturing materials either.

From the scratch-resistant sapphire glass crustal to the 316L hypoallergenic stainless steel we use, you get top quality from us.

We are also the brand to trust when it comes to the watch strap. Whether you are picking a strap to go with your watch or buying a replacement unit, you are treated to the finest materials across the various categories.

When we can, we choose not to reinvent the wheel but perfect what's currently working. That is why we chose the award-winning, highly reliable, and precise Japanese Miyota quartz movement for our watches instead of building another movement from scratch.

Our units might not be dive watches, but they offer a 3 ATM water resistance rating against damages.

Paying close attention to details in a strict quality control process, we continue to crown your trust in our products with truly amazing timepieces that stand the test of time (all pun intended).