Water-Resistant Watch

Wearing an elegant watch is a great addition to a person’s style. You should always choose a watch that makes you look good. At Nordgreen, all our watches, including our most water-resistant watch, are truly masterpieces of design. Our Chief designer Jacob Wagner is in charge, and he does a marvellous job. We have five watch lines: Pioneer, Native, Philosopher, Unika and Infinity. We take pride in designing our watches, and we are also proud of their sturdiness.

Using only high-quality materials, we ensured every our watch is durable, and we give you a 24-month guarantee on it. We use only the finest 316L stainless steel for making the case. Dial windows are made from hardened mineral glass or Crystal Sapphire glass. Hence, every single piece that we produce is highly scratch-resistant, as well as water-resistant. A water-resistant watch by Nordgreen will amaze you with the quality, design, and affordability.

Native | White Dial - Mesh - 40mm / Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Mesh
Philosopher - Mesh - 40mm / Gold
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Mesh
£170.00 £179.00

What is a water-resistant watch?

Water-resistance is an indicator of how well the watch is sealed against water penetration. It usually goes with the static test pressure results. These tests show how well new watches handle the leakage. The test pressure is usually indicated in units as a bar, atmospheres, meters, or feet. As a matter of fact, we prefer to use the atmosphere indication for our watches. 

At Nordgreen, every water-resistant watch is perfect for everyday use. Even washing your hands, taking a shower, or jogging in the rain is safe at these levels. Our Native, Infinity, and Philosopher watches have a 3 ATM level of water resistance. That usually means they are resistant to rain and occasional splashes. 

What is the difference between a waterproof versus water-resistant watch?

In short, there is no such thing as a 100% waterproof watch, even when it comes to the most expensive luxury watches or even diving ones. They are all water-resistant watches, not waterproof. There is always a limit of water pressure for any watch to handle. Besides, even specialised sports watches aren’t waterproof. Diver’s watches have extra heavy gaskets, minimal openings, one screw-down crown, and still, they are not waterproof. In the watch industry, a 100% waterproof watch is a myth. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) prohibits the term "waterproof" for being misleading. German Industrial Norm DIN 8310 is also a similar standard, with similar prohibition.

Can I get my leather strap wet?

Although at Nordgreen we use only the finest Italian leather, it’s not advisable. Water and any kind of leather don’t mix well. That especially goes for the sea or ocean water, full of salt. You are putting yourself at risk of damaging the strap. If you splash your leather strap, it might lose colour or deteriorate before time. Luckily, we offer nylon and mesh straps, too. They are the perfect choice for any water activity. And the best part, all our straps are interchangeable. So you can use various straps for the same watch, depending on the occasion.

What do I do if water gets inside my watch?

With our watches, that’s almost impossible to happen. Of course, if you follow the user manual. We are so sure, that we give a 24-month warranty with every our watch. If you didn’t follow the user manual, you should have. Our advice is to put a watch on a dry area, turn it to the side and let the water work its way out. If the problem is still there, visit a repair shop.

How does the water damage my watch?

Every watch is a small mechanical wonder. In our watches, we use the finest Japanese Quartz movement, made by Miyota. However, the inside of the watch is pretty delicate. Nothing should enter or leave the case, especially water. Even a small amount of water can damage the quartz battery and the precise mechanism.

Help, I got moisture inside my watch!

The moisture inside the watch doesn’t mean you broke your watch. It usually appears if the watch was under sudden change of the temperature, from low to high. Usually, this moisture disappears after a while. If not, that means your watch isn’t water-resistant at all. Luckily, with Nordgreen watches, you don’t have to worry about it. Along with the warranty, every watch comes with a certificate of authenticity. 


Bear in mind that every watch is tested in laboratory conditions. That doesn’t include sky-high waves, jumping from dangerous heights, or anything similar. Moreover, the 100 m resistance doesn’t mean someone dived 100 m to check the time on their clock. The lab tests consist of pressure testing and immersing the watch in the water for one hour. Even the most sturdy watches should be kept away from spas and hot air. And after all, a water-resistant watch is not created to be under water for a long time. Their place is on your wrist, and that’s where they finally belong.