Watches for Christmas

If buying super expensive skeleton watches for Christmas is out of your budget, then christmas watch by Nordgreen isperfect for any watch lover in your life!

With the Christmas 2021 countdown already in motion, the pressure to find the perfect gift to show your appreciation is rising! Let’s say that you want to find another type of gift to surprise that special someone for Christmas like gift cards, wall art, health and beauty creams. Instead, how about some fashion jewellery such as earrings, bracelets, and wrist watches might be a good start. 

Christmas Gifts for Her

A lot of emphasis is placed on men’s watches leaving the selection of women’s watches overshadowed by a host of intricately designed men’s watches, and what’s usually available for women’s watches is uninteresting at best. 

Nordgreen’s selection of ladies' watches for Christmas comes in a variety of dial colours and sizes, strap colours, and materials, like vegan leather, mesh, and leather, to name a few. What’s more interesting is that our watches are unisex! The only differentiation between our men’s and women’s watches is the size. With a selection of large and small-sized dials, our Scandinavian minimalist designed wrist watches are a fit for any wrist!

If your special lady is more into keeping up with the hottest trends, then you’ll do well by surprising her with our Rose Gold Infinity watch, with a Rose Gold Mesh strap. Aside from the flair of its Rose Gold watch Strap case and mesh strap, the Infinity itself was designed to bear the bare essentials of a timepiece and still uphold a classic design.

Perhaps she’s into a bit more detail, like the Philosopher watch with a Nylon Boheme strap. The Philosopher watch has a conically shaped case and is broader at its base resting elevated on its lugs. This design will intentionally draw her eyes centre into a two-piece dial, to make her think of times most captivating moments. Its final details are its asymmetrical second hand that appears to slice continuously through time as a statement that she has the resilience to overcome any challenge.

Let’s say that you’ve narrowed her gift down to one of these stylish watches and know that she’s picky when it comes to straps. Our Bundle Packages For Women will give her three straps to choose from, making it impossible to disappoint her. So, while it’s up to you to know what she prefers in a timepiece, Nordgreen is sure to catch her eye.

Christmas Gifts for Him

Buying your dad, a remote control for his television as a Christmas present, or a pocket watch are things of the past! Buying them cool and useful gifts are all the rage! Finding Christmas gifts for men who love watches is as simple as knowing what they like and keeping up with the trends to help. 

Smart watches are quite popular as they serve several functions that keep you connected to your phone even when you can’t be. However, for the classic man in your life, Nordgreen's men's watches offer luxury watches designed for the minimalist in your life, who also loves Scandinavian design. 

Take, for example, Nordgreen’s bestseller for men, our Native watch, with a white dial and brown leather strap. Conceivably your extraordinary guy deserves the best in which case our newest edition of high-quality timepieces, the Pioneer chronograph watch, is for him!

The Pioneer watch is Nordgreen’s interpretation of a Chronograph watches most authentic purpose, paying tribute to Danish efforts to create positive change toward a greener future. Denmark leads and is inspirational to the world in green technology growth.

The specifications of the Pioneer will have him shamelessly showing it off in your praise! Its rounded and softened edges add for a sophisticated take on a classic timepiece. Inside its stainless steel case, the Pioneer sports two sub-dials, topped with a domed sapphire crystal. 

A neat detail of this chronograph is its second and minute hands indicated by red tips, which are representative of those found on wind-turbines. 

Though its clean, minimalist dial is synonymous with the sustainable environment that we strive to live in, its stative design will make him certainly feel unique!  

Alright guys, now that I’ve shared some great Christmas gift ideas for your wife, mom, or girlfriend, try to refrain from buying patio outdoor furniture or kitchen and dining accessories. Instead, surprise them with the best Christmas gift that is both stylish for women and affordable for you! And ladies, shifting his attention away from overtaking your living room couch with him and his friends playing video games is as simple as buying him a Nordgreen watch for Christmas.

Nordgreen even has free shipping, and it generally takes 2-5 business days to ship your timepiece to you. Check us out and order so that you can have a Merry Christmas in 2021!

So, this holiday season, get your her or him meaningful gifts that not only spread the holiday cheer but gifts that allow you to give back to one of three good causes!

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