Skeleton Watch - A Worthy Investment?

Mechanical watchmakers continue to up the game when it comes to unique blends of fashion and functionality in different skeleton watch designs.

Designers have relentlessly stood up to the challenge from manual skeleton watches to automatic electrically driven or self-winding skeleton watches. The products honour both classical and contemporary design paradigms, staying true to the intricate sophistication behind the craft of a skeleton watch.

Now, so-called skeleton watches have made an appearance.

What is a skeleton watch?

A skeleton watch is a mechanical watch with its moving parts visible through the front and the back, like the battery. The dial on these watches reveals the detailed working of the watch beneath, showing the movement and precision of the mechanism for men & women.

If the technical side of things gets your adrenaline pumping, skeleton watches are a perfect fit.

Today, many brands are making stainless steel skeleton watch designs, and there are plenty of excellent models on offer, including the competitive Swiss equivalents.

The only potential problem with a skeleton watch is readability.

You'll be able to see what's happening inside a skeleton watch, so there will be much to admire within the detail—being able to see the time at a glance may take some effort at first.

What is a skeleton watch called?

A skeleton watch is the most-used term for these watches, but you can also find names like see-through watches or transparent watches on the market. All of them essentially describe the same thing - the ability to see the intricate inner workings of an automatic or mechanical movement - the skeleton - inside the case of a watch.

Are skeleton watches tacky?

We are not here to judge whether a skeleton watch is tacky or not. We believe if an accessory suits your style, it's not tacky. However, skeleton watches aren't the most practical options for working people. That's why we'd suggest something a bit more utile in nature. It's certainly fun to have a skeleton watch in your collection, but you'll want one of our beautiful stainless steel watches as your first option.

Nordgreen's Collection of Watches

With our drive to keep our prices affordable, buying both a skeleton watch and an everyday stainless steel watch won't break the bank. You'll notice that we've got a smaller range of models. Maintaining several watch design lines would have meant reducing the quality. Instead, we stuck to a smaller collection of flawless watch designs to offer high-quality products at a fraction of the price most other brands offer.

Our designer, Jakob Wagner, first drew on the principle of Hygge for inspiration. This Scandi concept is all about focusing on moments instead of things. Our watches embody this principle by keeping perfect track of every time moment and sticking to simple watch features.

Our men's and women's stainless steel watches are elegant, affordable, and timeless. It's a winning combination for a brand, but we still weren't satisfied.

We wanted our clients to have more choices. As a result, we've added several customisable options, so you can choose the type of watch that fits you best. You can, for example, choose the stainless steel case size, case tone, dial shade and strap material, size and shade. What other brand you know offers that?

Dial Size

All of our watches, aside from the Pioneer, come in a range of case sizes.

Dial Colour

Who says the dial has to be plain white or silver? Certainly not us – choose between black, white, or navy.

Strap Material and Colour

We offer straps made from stainless steel metal mesh in a silver, gold, rose gold, gun metal or black tone. Our genuine Italian leather or vegan leather options come in various colours. We also offer rubber and nylon strap options. Not sure which strap to choose? Get a few – our straps are interchangeable so that you can quickly shake up your look.

Want an extra set of straps? Have a look at our Popular Bundle Options to find the perfect bundle and save up to 20%. Don't see anything you like? Put your own package together with our Bundle Selector Tool.

Case Colour

Each case is made of high-grade stainless steel. Choose between gunmetal, rose gold, gold, or silver. If you want to elevate your style even further, consider pairing the stainless steel metal watch case tone with your jewellery. A rose-toned watch, for example, will go perfectly with a rose-toned ring.

More About Our Models

First, here's a quick rundown of your options, all at an affordable price.

The Pioneer

The Pioneer is our first water-resistant chronograph and a popular design in men's watches. We thought it was time to make it a little more contemporary. We've added two dials inset into the crystal glass face. One is a stopwatch, and the other is a second counter. We added in the date but stripped out any extraneous details that would significantly increase the cost and clutter the design of the watch. The Pioneer also features 5 ATM water resistance and sapphire crystal glass to make it extra durable.

We understand that it's cool to have a depth gauge on your watch, but that's only useful for water divers. An automatic/mechanical watch with a ton of added features and inner workings can become overly complicated for daily usage. It's best to stick with something simpler - a crystal glass top, a functional but minimal design, quartz movement as a power source - what else do you need to tell the time?

The Native

The Native is stylistically one of our least complex designs and also our most cost-effective watch. This model features hour markers to ensure that the face is clear and uncomplicated. Pair the Native watch with a brown leather strap for a classic put-together look, or attach one of our popular stainless steel metal link strap in your tone of choice for a modern style statement.

The Philosopher

Want something a little more complex without opting for the Pioneer? Then have a look at the Philosopher. It marks off the hours, minutes, and seconds. The date is also featured on the dial.


Finally, we get to the Infinity. This model is the only one without lugs and so is ideal for those who prefer a more streamlined look. The hours and minutes are marked, but there is no date or third-hand markers.

What watch movement do we use?

Mechanical and automatic watch movements have been becoming very trendy recently, especially in men's skeleton watches, and many brands are using these watch movements in their watches. However, they have a few disadvantages, which is why we chose to use a different watch movement. Ultimately, the type of watch movement you choose is solely dependent on you, your price budget, your brand preference and your style.

At Nordgreen, we use a quartz movement to power our watches, specifically the Japanese Miyota brand movement, considered one of the best on the market. A quartz movement uses a battery as a power source, which is one of the most precise ways to measure time. It also makes the watch more cost-efficient and allows for more minimal men's designs. It's a win-win situation if you ask us.

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