Red Faced Watch for Ladies and Gentlemen

Your red watch knows that it is stunning, so it doesn't mind showing a little bit of colour on its face when you look at it.

You would also like the simplistic luxury appeal that you get from this minimalist watch.

For starters, you would imagine that a red watch would be all over the place, so much that it draws unnecessary attention to itself.

The average British person likes to be conservative, and we consider that here. That informs our choice of a warm red hue that stands out quite alright but doesn't steal the show negatively.

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The Appeal of Red Watch Dials

For starters, how often do you see red dial watches?

If we were to give you the time to think about that, chances are you haven't even seen one before. Or, maybe in the pictures and movies alone.

Look around you right now to everyone who has a watch on. Peer at the dials, and it's almost always dark. On the flip side, you could have some white dials in there.

These days, those who dare to dream a little are picking the blue dials. If you want that, we do have blue dial watches for you.

But today, you want something more. You want to stand out. You feel like breaking the fashion rules – whoever set them – and shining through with your style and appeal.

That is where the red dial watches come in for you. But there's more.

The fact that you want a style to stand out in does not mean you want to hog all the attention with your watch. You still desire something functional that complements your style rather than draws unnecessary attention to you.

For that, you have the minimalist appeal of the Nordgreen brand as showcased by the Philosopher model on your hands.

Combine both, and you see why you deserve a watch of this calibre.

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Shopping the Philosopher red-faced watches.

Explore the Gift of Customisations

When we say that we bring you options, we stick to that promise as a brand.

You already know that you are picking red watches – or maybe you're still considering that option based on everything else that comes with the burgundy dial package.

That's why you'd love all the details that we put into these options for you.

For starters, you'd only be able to pick this dial colour with a silver stainless steel case. We have checked against other colours, and this is the one that blends right against the dial.

That is where our influence over your thoughts ceases.

In other areas, you get to choose what straps you'd prefer to have on your watch.

Stainless Steel

The stainless steel bracelet has been here for longer, so we don't need to be the ones to tell you about it.

Here, we didn't seek to reinvent the wheel.

We know what works already, so we just improved on that.

This is where you get to choose between the 3-Link, 5-Link, or mesh style straps under the stainless steel category.

That's not all.

You can take things a step further by shopping for the colour that you want to be worn on your stainless steel watch.

Silver is the first pick that would come to mind, matching the case colour. You can also choose to make a bold statement with gold or rose gold, depending on your style.

Lest we forget, what the gunmetal grey combination does for you at this price point should interest any watch lover with good taste.


The leather band material is what watch lovers pick when they don't want to go the stainless steel bracelet route.

Just like we put a unique touch on our stainless steel, we also offer our leather straps in two distinct categories:

Genuine Italian leather and vegan leather.

We give you the ultimate quality leather experience with genuine Italian leather treated to a mild level of water resistance, stitched fashionably, and sure to last for long on your luxury watches.

For those who want the leather experience without all the animal cruelty that comes with it, our vegan leather features all that you have been looking for. Now, you can enjoy the leather appeal without skipping a beat – and you didn't have to subscribe to animal-based products either.

As if that's not enough, we allow you to customise every timepiece with the colours that you so desire.

When picking up the leather strap, you can choose to have yours in olive green, navy blue, or patina grey. We also left the traditional options of dark brown, brown, and black leathers in there, if you so desire.


With a 3 ATM water-resistant status, the nylon straps help to keep this watch water-resistant and outdoor-focused even more.

When it is adventure O'clock, you know that you can go with your red-faced dial paired with a nylon strap.

Whenever you're choosing the Philosopher with a nylon strap, the black nylon looks to be the best-paired fit. Considering that we have a red hue on the face of the watch and silver on the case, the watch should be best worn with another colour that doesn't draw too much attention.

Otherwise, purchase navy blue or olive-green nylon instead.

Buy Nordgreen Red Watches in the UK

Our brand partners in the UK work around the clock to ensure the global quality control appeal that we maintain across our products and services.

We are as committed to sustainable living in the UK as we are in other regions of the world where we have a presence too. First impressions matter, so you'll confirm our sustainable approach when you see our eco-friendly product packaging.

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