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Quartz crystal watches continue to lead the trend in terms of quality, durability, and functionality bundled in an affordable body.

At Nordgreen, we have embraced quartz technology for timekeeping on the broad range of watches we design and carry.

They offer our customers their low-cost watch usage and maintenance dream without cutting corners anywhere.

Putting our unique spin on things, our collection of quartz watches for men and women is here for the taking.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Quartz Watches

In this section, we detail answers to some of the common, pressing, and burning questions about/ around quartz watches.

Should you have any concerns, we believe that this section will address them all.

Is Quartz a brand of a watch?

Quartz watches are so named to imply the technology behind the per second operation of the said watch. Different manufacturers can come up with their quartz watches, so it is not a brand of watch at all.

As of the time of this writing, some manufacturers design their movements based on the quartz watch crystal. They have to declare that to the customer to avoid misleading them into thinking it's a new form of tech from scratch. After all, their watch engines will still have to use the quartz oscillator in some way.

To learn more about timekeeping engine types, see our detailed guide to watch movements.

Are Quartz Watches Worth Anything?

Quartz watches are essentially the same as every other watch on the market, with the difference being in the choice of movement employed. That means that you can get these watches selling for tens of dollars as well as those going for tens of thousands too.

The first quartz watch has been here for more than 50 years now. If the mechanism was not worth anything, we are sure customers would have called it out, and it wouldn't enjoy the kind of success that it manages today.

What is Quartz Crystal Used for in Watches?

The quartz movement is based on the quartz material itself.

A quartz watch contains quartz which helps regulate the movement of the watch hands. The choice of these crystals is due to their ability to maintain precise pulse and vibrations.

When the watch vibrates with the right pulse, electrical signals are sent to the other engine parts of the watch, which control the watch hands. Thus, a watch that vibrates too fast or slow will gain or lose time, respectively.

This is more reason why manufacturers need a system to shape the experience that watch users get on the dial to perfection.

Are Quartz Watches Better?

There are a couple of reasons why you should choose a quartz watch over a mechanical watch.

Under this category of watches, we have both manual and automatic watches. Even though those watches have been seen as the standard of premium and class for some time now, quartz watches edge them out in the following ways.


A quartz watch will either run on a conventional battery or other forms of battery systems (such as a solar-powered battery seen on some watches).

The battery can keep its charge for long – usually from 6 months to a year or more. That allows you to simply pick up the watch, slap it on, and be ready to go.

The same is not the case with mechanical timepieces, which cannot be left for too long lest the power stored in their spring runs out. Then, you would have to wind the watch again to get it going.

Ease of Use

If your quartz watch were to lose time/ gain time at all, or you simply wanted to reset it, it's as easy as it comes.

Simply pull out the crown and roll gently till you get to your preferred time.

The same is not true for most mechanical watches. For these, you would have to wind them to get power into them first, then worry about setting the watch.

There are different kinds of mechanical watches, and some are simply a pain to even set up at first.


We are not even at the price stage yet, but you can save more on quartz watches when you consider the storage.

When you are done using your watch for the day, simply setting it down on your bedside, desk, inside your wardrobe, or anywhere else considered safe is enough.

Properly storing a mechanical watch, on the other hand, would mean getting a watch winder to keep it powered up when you are not wearing it.

Ease of Repair

All watches might be similar in what they do, but they are different under the hood.

Quartz watches are designed such that users could open them up and perform basic operations by themselves. If the users so choose, that is.

With mechanical watches, you should take them to the repair/ service shop if you don't want to risk messing anything up.

Here is yet another area where you can save on additional costs by owning a quartz watch.


Quartz watches pride itself on making things as simple as possible.

The aim is to tell the time – and make it precise too. So, what's the need for the bells and whistles?

Other watch engine tech comes with a lot of moving parts that just complicate things.

The interesting thing is that having all those moving parts does not mean they do anything better.

For example, you can get a digital or analogue watch with quartz technology. If you like watch complications, quartz watches come with calendar displays, alarm functions, chronograph capability, and just about any other thing you can think of.

Which Quartz movement is best?

Digging deeper into the quartz movement, you will find a lot of them out there.

The most common is the Japanese (Miyota) quartz movement and the swiss quartz technology. Both essentially do the same thing.

Both movement types favour accuracy and are a staple on a number of watches. While the swiss pay more attention to aesthetics though, the Japanese are more focused on functionality.

No matter which one of these you choose, there should only be a tiny to no difference between them. They are all accurate, precise to a fault and do not expend too much energy also. Provided they are products of trustworthy brands, that is.

How accurate are quartz watches?

Well-made quartz watches have the luxury of being battery-powered, which makes them accurate for longer than other movements can manage. How accurate the watch will be is also dependent on what brands you have purchased from, the materials that went into the movement, and the precision of the movement frequency.

At Nordgreen, we conduct extensive tests on the quartz oscillator that goes into every watch to ensure they meet the precision standards our customers deserve. From the stepping motor to the components of the engine circuit, we don't cut any corners.

Thus, you never have to reset the watch more than a few times (less than 5) per year – if you ever have to at all.

How do you maintain a quartz watch better?

We still maintain that the quartz watches are a low-cost maintenance timepiece. You don't have to take care of them per second, but do these to make them last longer:

Polish Case and Bracelet

Your quartz watch might start losing its shine and lustre from the kind of surfaces that it comes in contact with daily.

There is no timeframe on when to polish the watch and bracelet. It depends on the frequency of usage – and in what situations.

You can polish the watch bracelet and case at home or take it to a watch repair shop, as you like.

Battery Replacement

Good watches will hold their battery charge for at least 6 months. Our watches at Nordgreen are guaranteed to hold their charge for a year or more before you have to change the battery.

We have developed an extensive watch battery replacement guide. Whether you want to DIY or take it to a licensed repair shop, the guide has you covered.

Strap Replacement

If you have a leather watch, for example, you might have to worry about swapping the band after about 400 wears.

You don't have to abandon the entire watch once the band starts looking worn.

The best part is that this is a good time to get a replacement band and see how that changes the look of your watch. We have comprehensive guides on changing your watch strap yourself on our YouTube channel.

Keep away from moisture

Watch brands rate their watch as water-resistant, not waterproof.

All the watches that we sell at Nordgreen carry water resistance ratings. The ratings should be respected enough so that you know what kind of around-water activities the watch is suitable for.

Extreme temperature conditions should also be avoided

P.S. In case you get condensation inside your watch, here's a guide to help you remove condensation with simple tricks.

Full Overhaul

When you've had your quartz watch for about six years, it could be time to change the entire engine.

All of the moving parts will have to be taken apart by a licensed shop for repairs, changing, lubrication, and extensive work.

Find a reputable shop in your locale to go to – or ship to a repairer that you trust.

Shopping the best Quartz Watches from Nordgreen

Whether you are going for our men's or women's quartz watches, you can't go wrong.

All of these watches have been built to a high standard to suit different needs.

However, there are special picks like the Pioneer, packing its chronograph for improved functionality and suited to the outdoors.

If you don't want a chronograph on your outdoor watch, we have the Infinity range for women and Philosopher for men.

Both our gents and ladies can get in on the minimalistic, laid-back approach that the Native watch series takes to class. For something more targeted, we have the Unika line for women.

All of these watches are fitted with different configurations – from the choice of dial/ display colour to what straps you want.

You don't need a trip to multiple brands to have an all-around watch collection. At Nordgreen, our collection and configurations are worth more than a dozen brands combined.

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