Police Watches

Day in and day out, police officers are out there fighting crime and keeping the population secure.

Time is essential when you're with a job like that, and a quality police watch will hold itself together on the street. After all, we can't have our police officers rummaging in their pockets for a smartphone when split-second timing counts. 

To make it easier for an officer to decide on a quality timepiece, we've identified our choices for the best police watches from our collection of watches.

Native | White Dial - Mesh - 40mm / Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Mesh
Philosopher - Mesh - 40mm / Gold
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Mesh
£170.00 £179.00

Nordgreen is Proud to Support Police Officers Globally

Our brand offers a collection of top-quality police watches to keep our police officers safe. Our police watches are top-quality and hard-working, just like you. And you don't have to sell a kidney to be able to afford one. 

We know that professionals have limited time and limited dressing choices regarding accessories and jewellery to express their style. But you don't have to sacrifice your fashion sense or style for practicality because when you buy from our brand, you can have both.

We Care, Just Like You Do

As a brand, Nordgreen takes it's social responsibility very seriously. Our Giving Back Program currently supports three worthy charities. The first provides potable water in Africa. The second provides education in India. The third helps to protect the rain forest.

Where do you want to make a difference with your police watches? When you purchase a police watch from our collection, we give a portion of that money to one of the three charities on our list.

How do we pick which one?

We don't. We leave that choice up to you.

Our Choices of Police Watches

Our top choice for the best police watch is the Pioneer.


The Pioneer collection offers our classic styling upgraded with a chronograph design. Let's go through our top designs for police watches individually.

The Pioneer

The Pioneer is a serious police watch for a serious professional. The dial is our largest at 42 mm. It's big, clear, and easy to read. There are two dials on the face. The one is to count off the seconds. The second is a stop-watch ideal for timing drills.

Perfect for the cop on the beat, these unique police watches look just as impressive on a date, especially if you choose a leather strap and pair your watch with the rest of your jewellery, like bracelets or cufflinks. The bright face and easy to read dial mean that you can see it just as easily running as walking.

The Native

The Native is a perfect unique police watch for the up and coming law professional. The Native embraces the Scandinavian principle of simpleness. We've stripped out all details everything except the hour marks on the dial. It's an attractive, simple design.

The Philosopher

The Philosopher is a better option for the police officer on the beat. With hour and minute markings, and a seconds hand, it's easy to see the time. We've made the watch for maximum readability. We only use white dials for this model for that reason.


Is the Philospher's dial a little too crowded for your liking? Is the Native a little simpler than you like? Then have a look at the Infinity, with its minimal details. This design features hour and minute markings but no dates. There are also no lugs that could get tangled up when you pull out your handcuffs.

Want More Options?

You've got it. Customise your style by choosing your dial colour and size, case colour, and strap type and material. We can't allow full customisation of all the models.

That's no problem – each of our offers has all the options clearly marked. If the combination that you want isn't there, we can't, unfortunately, offer that option. Not to worry, though, these limitations are few.

Still not satisfied?

Head over to the Bundle Packages section. Here you'll find great deals on police watches and extra strap sets to add to your purchase. Want an extra strap set in a different material?

Perfect – we have a wide range of unique bundles of watches up for grabs. Save yourself 10% when purchasing a package with one extra strap. Choose from a large watch bracelet variety - metal mesh, metal links, brown and black leather, as well as rubber and nylon in your colour of choice.

Want double the fun? Then take double the discount. Buying two extra straps with your watch saves you 20%.

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