Pilot Watches

When it comes to pilot watches, there's only one criterion in determining it's quality: how practical it is.

Manufacturers produce an endless stream of varieties. Every supplier online showcases pilot watches from luxury brands. These sell for thousands of pounds, with companies forgetting that there are plenty at price points in between.

These timepieces not only speak to fashion but also lifestyle and piloting activities (which is the focus of our article). They look outstanding, but the price is prohibitive. Not everyone can afford a price point of over £1,000.

That’s why we're here to find the world's best pilot watches under £500.

Traditionally, the best pilot watches have some distinct features that address the pilot's needs. These might include seeing the numbers quickly under any weather conditions, an extra bezel marking for calculations, and dual time features that allow the pilot to track different time zones conveniently.

Other features might include altimeters, compasses, chronographs, and slide rules that will enable pilots to measure calculations with ease. It’s this array of features that make an aviator’s watch quite pricey.

Finding an affordable yet the best pilot watch under £500 is extremely difficult.

That’s why we’ve taken a close look at our range. These models aren’t traditional aviation watches in terms of features. You wouldn’t get a full-featured option under 200 or even 500 pounds.

Our models are the same in terms of classic styling, precision, and quality. They’re priced under £500 without looking cheap. They’re the creations of Jakob Wagner, the top Scandinavian designer.

Each model is the epitome of the Scandinavian concept of Hygge.

What is Hygge?

Hygge’s quite a far-reaching concept. It entails bringing more contentment into your life by simplifying. Our watches embrace the simplicity of design that is the trademark of this concept. Danish watch brands have fully embraced this concept. 

Nordgreen's Selection of Pilot Models

At Nordreens, we made a choice early on – quality or features. In true aviator style, we chose quality above an extensive range of features.

Our watches don’t have all the bells and whistles, but they work flawlessly. With our high-quality options, you’ll never be late for your flight again.

We craft each wristwatch in our range to provide you with the best quality at fair prices.

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The Pioneer

Nordgreen focuses on simple styling and flawless design. Our Pioneer model is part of our exclusive range and has the classic elegance of an aviator’s watch.  It was designed around the classic chronograph but offered a more pared down look. At Nordgreen, it is hands down the best pilot watch under £500.

There are two dials on the face – the seconds' hand and the stopwatch.

Unlike our other models, the dial here comes in one size only. It’s a bold 42mm and perfect for making a style statement. We don't offer smaller sizes in this model because it would look cramped. We do provide other customisations.

The Philosopher

The Philosopher offers a more pared-down style than the Pioneer. It doesn't have inset dials. What it does have is the date and a third hand to count away the seconds. The hours and minutes are marked too. That makes it easy to stay on track during any pre-flight checks. 

The Native

Don’t like the chronograph look? Want a pilot-quality watch without all the fussy features? Then the Native might suit you better. Only the hours are marked on the dial, so it’s the perfect minimalist option.  

The Infinity

Want something that offers the clean lines of the Native and the extra detailing of the Philosopher? The Infinity has the hours and minutes marked. It doesn't have the date on the dial or a second hand. The overall design is cleaner because there are no lugs.

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