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Minimalist Watches

Minimalist Watches

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Minimalist Watches
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Our daily routines in this modern era can often be chaotic and full of demanding tasks that require us to be on time. Finding the simple things in life just became more straightforward with our Nordgreen minimalist men's watches. We designed our minimalist watches with the intention of not getting in your way when you need to know the time.

Genuinely successful men place value on quiet sophistication and understated elegance that a minimalistic watch provides. Minimalism is a movement that's rooted in simplicity. By focusing on the essentials, you can bring about the specific aspects that provide life with beauty and meaning.

Nordgreen – Where Less is More

At Nordgreen, we are believers in minimalism as a way of life. It’s the driving force behind every watch we build. Our guiding principle is the Scandinavian concept of hygge, which states that the small things in life are more significant.

By employing this pragmatic approach, we focus our attention on what matters. The simplicity is where the beauty of our watches genuinely shines.

Not only do we minimize our design concepts, but we’ve cut down on the number of watches in our catalogue as well. Our entire category consists of three distinct models. Fewer choices give you more power and a greater sense of satisfaction with your final choice.

Concluding that you have fewer styles to choose from would be entirely incorrect, though. By employing interchangeable straps with case and inner dial colour choices, you have hundreds of model combinations to call your own. It’s amazing to experience such creative freedom with only four minimalist watch models.

Hygge isn’t just an aesthetic choice, though. It has economic benefits as well. Our minimalist watches for men provide you with an opportunity to spend less and own less while still making a unique style statement.

Introducing the Quartz Movement

As we said, the design element needs to make a statement else it has to go.

We take the same approach to our choice of the watch movement.

Right here, we have discussed the various kinds of watch movements that there are. Of these, though, we chose to employ the Miyota quartz movement alone for all of our watches.

The Japanese quartz movement is characterised by a simplicity that just works. It doesn’t try to do everything at once when it can only focus on what it is there to do:

Ensure a working, well-rounded watch that keeps the time right without the fear of breaking down when you need it the most.

This movement is famed for the presence of fewer moving parts which, surprisingly, doesn't impact the accuracy at all. One of the eye-catching benefits of that setup is a lesser expense that we pass on to you, and added simplicity that doesn’t make your watch another complex piece of machinery.

On top of that, our watches come with some of the best battery life ratings with a long-lasting power reserve to serve you for even longer.

Who said a statement piece has to be expensive? They have never come across the impressive model that we have embraced for all of our men’s watches.

Uncovering the Best Affordable Minimalist Watch Brands

Announcing to the world that you’ve made it doesn’t need to be a loud or tacky affair. It’s going to have the opposite effect since ‘overdoing it’ makes us seem like an imitator.

You might be tempted to sport a loud, high-fashion piece. It will look great on you while it’s trending. These styles tend to fade quickly, though, and then what happens to your collection of outdated accessories?

Minimalism is something we strive for here in the quotidian at the Nordgreen brand.

From the beginning, our founders wanted a collection of timeless watches that embodied that spirit of meaning and value. So, we teamed up with the best artists and designers in Scandinavia, who agreed with our vision, headed by the respected Jakob Wagner.

Our vision merged with Wagner’s, a simple perspective that creates affordable minimalist watches for men and the best minimalist watches for women. The results truly speak for themselves.

Nordgreen is the best men's minimalist watch provider, but it doesn’t just look amazing. It also has a positive impact on your overall lifestyle choices and point of view.

Our watches are designed to fit well with any outfit. Whether you’re fully decked out in a suit for a crucial client presentation, or lounging around at home, our range of Nordgreen watches will match the moment.

Minimalist designs go with just about anything. It doesn't call attention to itself and complements other features, like your outfit. The ease of pairing simplifies your life drastically, as you don't need to give it much thought, nor do you need to own an array of watches to customize your style.

Our watches are designed for straightforward use. We believe that they are made to tell time, and that’s enough. It’s the perfect accessory for the stylish man on the go.

Define your Kind of Man

We don’t force our men to conform to the stereotype. We stand out from the bunch of other Scandinavian brands by allowing the men that trust us to model them with an elegant watch to define their own selves.

This is why we have rolled out a small number of different minimalist watches with unique features that make them appeal to different purposes.

No matter which one you pick, you can even niche further with extensive customisation options so that you get just the right thing for yourself.

Native Watches – Simple Just Got Redesigned

Many think that going simple means losing everything and staying bare. We have something to say about that.

Being simple, as the Native watches have shown, is more of a statement than it is a definition.

Every unit of the Native watches comes with minimal aesthetic except for the watch brand information and hour markers. The minimalist dial is suited for easy reading, and the functionality is cut out for different men with its stainless steel case diameter measurements from 28mm – 40mm.

Whether a present for a young man or a personal treat for a more established gentleman, the ultra-thin case sizes are there for your taking.

But then, again, what about the colour?

That is another area where this super-thin case watch allows you to dig in. The standard choices of gold/ rose gold and silver frames are there to explore. We want you to stay simple yet stand out, so we opted for a gunmetal finish instead of the common black.

The Native watch does one better with its exclusive blue dial addition. Depending on the final finish of the watch, you might prefer the black or white dial instead, though.

Quite frankly, the truth is that all choices are on the table for you here.

Pioneer Watches – Setting the Trail

It all started on the Pioneer watches – and they have truly laid the path for our other minimalist designs to make the category.

This model manages something impressive: contributing the maximum usable features on your watch without still looking or feeling too busy.

Striking that balance did not come easy, but it was worth it at the end of the day.

The first thing that you notice on this watch is the system of chronographs and date display slapped on to add extra functionality to the watch. That contemporary design is best suited to the man who spends more time outdoors or would like an everyday use case watch that they can call on everywhere.

Where the Native series stands out as corporate wear, this Philosopher excels as a great watch for more extreme usage.

Even though the watch only comes in at 42mm, it still looks to carry a sleek design. That size rating is just perfect to enable us to fit in all that goodness without sacrificing legibility.

Of course, the Pioneer could have used a rotating bezel. But then, again, would that move a needle for the beautiful watch? We thought not – so we saved you the trouble of lugging around all that extra weight that you’d probably not use anyway.

Philosopher Watches – For the Traveller

Whether you travel in the flesh or you let your mind wander, the Nordgreen Philosopher watch is a worthy companion to have with you on such voyages.

The dreamy watch borrows a page from the Native minimalistic design model, keeping things to the barest minimum. It differs from that model in how it brings subtle additions to the table – for the men who want more, but not too much more.

Where the Native only has the brand information on the face, Philosopher adds a date window for effect. The extra appeal of the etched hour and minute markers on this one gives it an identity of its own too. If anything, that justifies the slight increase in the stainless steel case.

But, we never do it because of the design alone. This elevated case also helps to protect the watch innards and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal better.

Speaking of the watch face, the hardened mineral crystal is reinforced enough to take care of itself in multiple scenarios. Sometimes, that makes the Philosopher a great crossover watch between the corporate and outdoor categories.

Offering dual size options (36mm and 40mm) with a black, blue or white/ silver dial to match on the watch face, good luck taking your eyes off this one.

Our Minimalist Watch Straps are Not Left Out

Your watch straps tell a lot about the watch: from what you intend the watch for, to your sense of style.

We don’t try to define your style for you, but we do offer you pointers in the right direction. To this end, we carry a host of easily interchangeable straps that you can purchase with your watch.

The natural choice for most men seeking a stainless steel watch is also a stainless steel bracelet. We know that, which informed our decision to make stainless steel bracelet choices available too.

For these, we have the 3-Link, 5-Link and stainless steel mesh band for men. Where the gold and rose gold mesh might look too bright for you, the silver mesh bracelet makes you feel right at home.

But then, this is not a metal-only party.

Leather straps have proven, time and over again, to be as versatile as they come. Whether it is a brown/ black leather strap for corporate wear, a green leather strap for the aesthetics or a white leather band for the extra minimalist design element, there’s something for you.

We take our genuine leather game to another level by offering cruelty-free, vegan leather too. That way, we allow you to enjoy what leather offers while still contributing to sustainable living with your sense of style.

Watches like the Nordgreen Philosopher or Pioneer line-up might be intended for outdoor usage and casual wear. Here, our host of rubber and nylon watch straps will get the job done.

Why Nordgreen Has the Best Minimalist Watches

Nordgreen watches are some of the best quality picks on the market. We employ only the finest craftsmen to produce these timepieces, which are meticulously handmade and individually inspected before entering the showroom. By the time it reaches your wrist, you're assured of a timeless piece that will function reliably for years to come.

If that’s not enough, all Nordgreen watches carry a two-year warranty. Send any unit with a manufacturing defect back to us, and we'll replace it – no questions asked. It is our way of saying that we have absolute faith in our products, and we want you to have the best Nordgreen experience possible.

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