Men's Watch Set by Nordgreen

To begin with, let’s face it, men like wristwatches. Watches are classy, elegant, and look great on every man. Moreover, they aren’t just timepieces; they are an addition to a person’s style. While women have a plethora of fashion gadgets to wear, men simply don’t have that kind of choice. In short, a wristwatch is the only fashion accessory for a modern man to wear every day.  And if it’s gonna be that way, then the watch has to be more than great. It has to be perfect. Luckily, we only produce perfect ones. Everything below that would be an insult to our customers. As a matter of fact, one of our top selling products is a men’s watch set.

A watch gift box is a perfect choice to gift to a man on every occasion.

Nordgreen men’s watch set

To summarise, our men’s watch set consists of one Nordgreen watch and two additional straps. Some might say it’s pretty simple and straightforward. But the truth is, things aren’t always as they seem. Not only you are buying a watch, but also you are buying a piece of time.  You are buying a piece of ourselves, as well. We make our watches in perfect harmony with nature. Jakob Wagner is our lead designer, responsible for the creation of our masterpieces. When we started our company, we had one thing in mind. Above all, we wanted to implement our Danish values and the Scandinavian way of life into our watches. Not to mention that Jakob understood our vision perfectly. Every watch in our men’s watch set is truly a masterpiece - a masterpiece of technology, design, dedication, and everlasting beauty.  

What kind of watches does Nordgreen sell?

1. Unique

All our watches are brand new, unique, and 100% Nordgreen made. With every our watch (or a watch set), you will get some additional papers, too. Those are the user guide, 2-year warranty, and the Certificate of authenticity.  To summarise, we don’t sell any of our watches without proofs of originality.

2. Stylish

Jakob Wagner is one of the most rewarded designers in Scandinavia. He is our lead designer and a mastermind behind the design of our watches. Hence, every Nordgreen watch is minimalistic, elegant, and suitable for everyday wear. Jakob has designed 4 lines of watches for us, and the Pioneer line has won him a prestigious Red Dot award.

 3. Precise

When it comes to precision, the quartz movement is the most precise one. Hence, the majority of the watches on the market use it. The quartz revolution is the one thing that started the modern watch fashion in 1970. We use the Japanese Miyota quartz movement for all our watches.

 4. Socially aware

We believe in giving back to society. So, for every watch you buy from us, we will support NGOs in their choices. We have currently three NGOs partnered, and we plan to increase that number. When you buy a watch from us, pay a visit to our homepage and enter your serial number. Then proceed to choose the NGO you wish to help. For every watch bought, we help preserve the forest in Latin America, secure drinkable water in the Central African Republic, or help a child in India get an education

5. Durable

All our watches are made from 316l stainless steel. This type of steel doesn’t rust, doesn’t corrode, and it’s scratch-resistant. Also, all our wristwatches have water resistance. Meaning they are made to last. Why not make your watch a legacy to your offsprings?

Why do I need additional straps?

To be honest, you don’t have to buy additional straps. In fact, all our straps are outstandingly durable.  But let us enchant you with our offer. We have stripes from genuine Italian leather, vegan leather, nylon or mesh. Additionally, we have stripes for every colour, every mood, and every occasion. Pick a classy leather strap for a business meeting or a fancy dinner. For a more casual event, take nylon or a mesh strap. Do you worry about protecting the environment? So do we. That’s why we have a vegan leather option, too. Did I tell you our straps are interchangeable? You can change the straps in just a minute, immediately giving your fashion statement a completely new look.

Nordgreen men’s watch set bundle builder

Our bundle builder is an easy and practical way to buy a men’s watch set. If you don’t prefer the premade bundle combinations, we have given you the way to make your own.  Your order will be completed in a few simple steps.

Choose the desired watch line. Currently, we have four watch models on offer. They are called Philosopher, Native, Infinity, and Pioneer. Just remember, all our watches are unisex. Although, women prefer to choose the Infinity line for themselves more often than men.

Pick the desired watch case size. The sizes available are 32 mm, 36 mm, 40 mm, and 42 mm. However, not all watches are available in every size. Bear in mind that most men wear watches sized from 36 mm to 42 mm. That, of course, depends on the body type, as well as on the size of the wrist.

  • 32 mm - Native and Infinity
  • 36 mm - Philosopher and Native
  • 40 mm - Philosopher and Native
  • 42 mm - Pioneer
Pick the colour of your case. Depending on the watch model, we offer four different colours for the case.
  • silver - every watch model
  • gold - every watch model
  • rose gold - Philosopher, Native, and Infinity
  • gunmetal - Philosopher, Native, and Pioneer
Choose the colour of your dial. The Philosopher and Infinity lines have a classic white dial, while Pioneer and Native come with a black or navy dial colour. Finally, choose your preferred strap. All our straps come in beautiful variations of colours and materials used. From nylon to fine Italian leather, from stunning white to a soft pink colour. By adding two extra straps, you can save up to 20% of the total price.

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