Lime Green Watch Collection

Escaping to the calm of green scenery with the lushness of nature in its pure form is one of many desires that we have.

While we cannot always be there, you can sometimes take a trip into such magical locations when you stare into the neon green dials of the Philosopher watch.

We have curated a Pioneer collection with a green sunray dial, but this here is something different.

Besides being available for the ladies and gentlemen that trust Nordgreen to fit them with minimalist luxury that speaks volumes on its own, we do you one better. Here, you get an award-winning, limited edition watch that stands out from the pack anytime you wear it.

Become a proud owner of these exclusive luxury watches for men and women by picking up your customised options in the shop today.

Luxury Lime Green Watches for Men

We daresay that most men are conservative with colours.

You are who we had in mind when we curated our black-on-black watches. Given the small range in style and colour that used to exist in men's wardrobes, a black watch would do on most occasions.

In some cases, though, white would also pass. Being one of the neutral colours, that was excusable.

But the modern classic man is a fashionable being that wants to test the limits of what has been to see how better he can stand out. Likewise, true gentlemen know that they can make a bold statement without going over the top either.

Thus, we introduced colours into the world of men, starting with the green sunray and brown sunray dials on the Pioneer chronograph watches.

We take that a step further, pulling back on the shade scale to unlock another level of cool green for our Philosopher men's watches.

Unlike the green sunray Pioneer watch, this limited-edition Philosopher neon green watch won't be here forever.

If you want one, now is the time to pick your customised option from the shop.

You'll be glad you did join the list of exclusive owners of what is an award-winning luxury timepiece at the best prices.

Stylish Lime Green Watches for Women

While the gentlemen might be lost at what they will do with colours, you ladies know where the game is at.

The possibilities that you get from a neon-green watch such as this one is endless.

From matching with your bag to pairing with your shoes, earrings, and other accessories, this watch is a statement of classy fashion waiting to happen.

Picking the unisex Philosopher series for this limited edition is no mistake. After all, how else can we ensure that this neon green watch is one that you can wear to the office, party with, and still slap on your wrist when going for an evening stroll?

We make things easier for you by choosing to keep the colour in the dial alone and not on the exterior. Thus, you stand out just right but don't command unnecessary attention to yourself on account of the watch either.

The last thing you want is a distracting watch – so we gave you a beautiful timepiece with a brilliant neon green dial instead.

We know you see how you can rock this watch with your different outfits in your head already. While you plan that out in your head, you should start customising your watch to taste in our shop also.

After all, we never can tell when the last piece of this limited-edition watch will get sold out – and there's all indication that they never get restocked again.

A Blend of Beautiful Colours

If you like to play with colours, there's no better time to shop with Nordgreen than this.

We are not a fan of doing too much, so we don't assume that you would either. If you'd like to set yourself apart with a colourful timepiece that sports a lime green dial, though, this limited-edition Philosopher watch is the right timepiece for you.

The green dial pairs with a silver stainless steel case material on the outside. From there, your options extend into straps that could be any of:

  • Stainless steel – keep to the material on the frame with silver stainless steel, or explore what any of gold/ rose gold and gunmetal grey hues can do for you.
  • Leather – whether genuine or vegan leather picks, our watch bands can be chosen in the traditional colours (black, brown) or new additions such as navy blue, olive green or patina grey.
  • Nylon – channel your inner outdoor-loving self with a nylon strap that aids the 3ATM water resistance rating to make this watch an adventurer's darling.

Head into the shop to customise your watches from top to bottom, choosing what colours you want on your timepiece as appeals to you. Don't be left out on this exclusive movement from getting there too late. 

If anything, now is the best time to make a move.

Enjoy Free Shipping in the UK

These lime green watches might be limited edition, but they get the same premium treatment as the rest of the luxury watches that we sell.

That means we commit to getting the watches to you at no extra shipping cost at all, no matter where you are.

Choose the lime green dial watch, customise every other part to taste and push to checkout. We'll be here to get the watch over to your preferred location in no time and at no additional cost.

After making your purchase, it is time to sit back, relax and get your limited-edition luxury timepiece in the mail.