Girls' Watches

Women have always been ahead of men in the fashion game. One of the many standout features of a typical female outfit remains the wristwatch.

Serving as a piece of jewellery and remaining functional at the same time makes a watch a fine accessory.

As the key to a clear and defined style lies in experimentation, starting early is crucial.

Here, we roll out our collection of girls' watches that are suitable for kids/ children.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or getting a children's gift, we have something for everyone.

We also have a collection of boys' watches, if you are also on the hunt for that.

Girls' Watches for School

Best Choices: Infinity Watch | Native Watch

There is quite a collection of girls' watches from different brands – but which should accompany you to school?

This consideration becomes important when you are shopping options for a graduating kid, looking for something to replace your daily school driver, or in other related cases.

Notwithstanding, there are a couple of considerations to make.

  • Style – most schools frown upon a sports watch of any kind these days. These sports/ digital watches can be used for malpractices, so we can understand why. However, these schools still accept a simple, traditional watch.
  • Colour – no rules are guarding what colours can feature on the watch worn to school. From pink, black, and white to blue, all hues are there for the taking.
  • Price – of course, a girl's watch should not be on the expensive side. The aim is to find something that looks good, gets the job done, complements your style, and doesn't carry a hefty price tag to match.
  • Design – simple designs get the best results. You don't want a watch that brings too much attention to itself.
  • Size – a review of most women's watches shows that they have a 32 – 36mm options average. That does not mean those watches will be great for you. Make sure you know what your size is for the best, snug fit.
  • Strap – if you can stay off a metal strap, that would be great. A simple leather strap (black or brown would do) should get the job done. You could also try out a nylon/ rubber watch strap.

Girls Watch for Parties/ Dinners/ Formal Events

Best Choices: Unika Watch | Native Watch

Dress watches come in handy to introduce children to formal events.

On the flip side, you could also be looking for options to accompany you to a school dance, a date with your new friend, the movies – or any other such interesting outing.

Some of the previous pointers also work here, but some new considerations make the table.

  • Versatility – there is quite a range of formal events and occasions that will require you to wear a dress watch. You want a watch that is not too selective that it can only make it into certain events and not others.
  • Colours – colours play a huge role here. You don't want something too flashy lest it draws too much attention to itself. At dinners, formal parties, and other black-tie events, stay off the pink, green, yellow, and other bright colours. The best picks here remain black and white. Search for a navy blue watch strap if you're feeling fly.
  • Tone – this is not the time to go on a search for a two-tone watch. Shop your dress watch such that the colours on the frame match or closely mimic that on the bracelet/ strap too.
  • Strap – a stainless steel or leather strap work well here. Sort through the different brands of leather and stainless-steel bands that we have for your desired type.
  • Design – the dress watch aims to complement your dressing, not steal the show. It is even rude to stare at your watch when at an event as it makes it seem like you would rather be somewhere else. So, sort till you get something clear and simple.

Outdoor/ Everyday Watches for Girls

Best Choices: Philosopher Watch | Infinity Watch

Everyone should have a daily driver.

When you are either going to school, the park, work, or a formal event, these watches continue to complement your style.

Of course, they bring a new level of ruggedness to the table to enable them to do what they do best.

Here, you have these tips to keep in mind if you'd like to make the best buy every time:

  • Design – starting here because the design of this watch needs to be sturdy. It is your daily driver to the park, run errands with, and could even be left on for sports. This is not the type of watch that comes with a flimsy build
  • Colour – there are no limits to what colours you can choose here. Got eyes for that blue? Prefer pink? White does it better for you? Going for the laid-back black? Some other colour we didn't mention here? They're all on the menu!
  • Strap – a nylon or rubber strap works best on outdoor and everyday watches. That does not mean you should neglect leather or stainless-steel straps, though. You could even buy replacement watch straps of different materials and swap them out on your watch as you see fit.