Colourful Watches for Ladies & Gents

Colourful watches are a reminder of everything your timepiece can be.

Watches are there to tell the time, but they do so much more today. They define styles, complement your outfit, adding some simple spice to your getup.

A little colour from watch brands in there won’t hurt – which is why we have brought you different shades to make things interesting.

Join the handful of lucky customers who get our limited-edition colourful watches by heading into the shop to pick out any of our new red dial, orange-yellow watch face, pink watch face, turquoise display or aquamarine-green face watches.

Colourful Watches for Ladies

The men will be jealous, but we have to say this:

Ladies wear the versatility of colours the best.

From any country where a Nordgreen woman might order our watches, we see that they shop with more colour ranges than the gentlemen.

That is not out of place for the ladies.

Usually sporting a wardrobe that features a splash of colours across your bag, shoes, and numerous dresses, you need to be sure that you have the right colour of watches to make the ensemble happen.

That is where Nordgreen steps in with the level of customization that we offer you.

There, our women’s watches allowed you to shop a wide variety of colours, starting from the watch case. This is where you have all the fun with gunmetal grey, silver, gold, and rose gold.

We take things a step further with different dials for you: blue, white, black, and mother-of-pearl in some instances.

To sweeten the deal, you get to choose from another round of colours depending on the strap that you settle on. Be it leather straps (olive green, navy blue, pink, light/ vegan brown, black, etc.), nylon (black, green, blue, etc.), stainless steel (gold, gunmetal grey, rose gold, silver), or mesh, the nice options are almost endless.

Now, we switch things up with the colourful Philosopher watches collection.

While we keep the frame colour locked to silver, you can choose to have the dials in red, yellow, turquoise, and pink. You even get to enjoy the same green (lime green this time) as the men do on their Pioneer chronograph.

Time to change up your style with some colour – and these limited-edition releases help you to do so in style.

Coloured Face Watches for Men

Men can do with some colour too.

Or, let’s say that in another way:

As a gentleman, it is time to improve things in your wardrobe with some colour.

After all, the switch in trend in recent years favour men who want to try something else on their wrist.

Enough of the drab and same old. Your blacks are great, and your blues are even better. But what if you could make them shine a little bit?

We know that change could be challenging, but how do you push the status quo and grow if you don’t try?

That is the case for these colourful watches that you can rock on any day also.

Already, the Nordgreen men love the award-winning Philosopher watch collection for how it blends simplicity with Danish design elements, preaches minimalism, and comes out strong on functionality.

While we don’t slap the blue dial on this one, it is still a face to remember with the white and black dials it features to this day.

Right now, though, you get to enjoy all that with hue splashes that promise to make all the difference for you.

If you wanted to enjoy the sunray green dial on the Pioneer chronograph but don’t want all of those complications on a watch, the nice green finish on the Philosopher is where you have to go.

That’s not all the options that you can shop for either.

We have also achieved a unique mix of red and worked on a nice touch of turquoise for you.

If you like to experiment with brighter colours, we have you covered with the great yellow hue and brilliant pink touch on other dials too.

As much as we would love to keep all these fine colours around for very long, we only offer them in limited edition for now.

We don’t know how much they will be on sale for either. Other gentlemen like yourself who snag them up determine that.

Because this is a unisex pick, now is the time to head into the shop before we clear the supply.

Shop Nordgreen Colourful Watches in the UK

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The minimalist and attractive Philosopher watch collection is designed with international standards in mind, so you are sure to make your bold statement of luxury when you pick one up today at affordable prices.

Get into the shop, choose colourful watches of choice to brighten your world and enjoy our free international shipping to boot.