Classic Watches for Women

Female watches are meant to be classic. Why not invest in a brand that considers comfort and appeal on a woman’s wrists.  The best watches are those that remain fashionable through any trend. For a life-long classic look, choose one of Nordgreen's  classic women's watches in Rose Gold or create one from our collection of Native Lille, Infinity, and Philosopher timepieces. 

Choose your favourite dial and case colour for your classic look. Even our straps have a perfect touch. Combine your Nordgreen watch with a brown leather strap or try our black vegan strap with an amazing feel of real leather!

Native | White Dial - Black Leather - 28mm / Silver
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Black Leather

Nordgreen represents the cutting edge of classic watches for women that adhere to Scandinavian minimalist designs. Our timepieces are not over-the-top. Instead, they are understated just enough to make a memorable statement.

Our designs for classic women’s watches match any look effortlessly so that you can wear these watches with confidence to everything from formal to dressy, casual, or festive occasions. What’s more, our eye-catching classic women's watches are customizable, so you can choose an everyday style that suits your taste, then add or remove specifications, per your preferences.

We make it possible for you to change the individual specs of your watch in a heartbeat. Pick and choose from a variety of watch casings, dials, and interchangeable straps to create your very own Nordgreen look.

You may also opt to purchase our affordable classic women’s watch bundles that net you a variety of watch casings and straps in one package deal. Then, you can change up the dial colour on all of our classic watches for women (except the Philosopher) to fit your current mood or wardrobe choices.

Nordgreen is a renowned watch company that thrives on simplicity, heritage, functionality, balance, and sustainability. We heartily embrace the Danish concept of hygge, as we believe that no life lived outside of wellness and completeness, is satisfying. All our watches sing this Danish philosophy and display the characteristics of a sustainable, green, wholesome, and fulfilled lifestyle.

The Nordgreen woman assuredly embraces these quintessential Danish values when she wears one of our exquisite, minimalist, and affordable timepieces. Our co-founders, Vasilij Brandt and Pascar Sivam, certainly believed so and collaborated with distinguished Danish designer Jakob Wagner to bring these philosophies to life in our watches.

When you choose Nordgreen, you’re investing not only in high-quality, classic watches for women but in the future of our planet and the overall wellbeing of our global society.

With each watch purchase, you can choose that Nordgreen donates to one of three causes worldwide. So, you play a vital role in giving back to communities worldwide and restoring our planet. With every watch purchase, you can choose that Nordgreen donate:

  • A month's free education for one child in India
  • Restoring 200 square feet of Amazonian rainforest in Latin America
  • Two months of clean water for one person in the Central African Republic

This charitable Give Back Program is, in fact, one of the main reasons Nordgreen established a watch company. We believe strongly in sharing our Danish values of sustainability and a high-quality life with the rest of the world. All donation costs are included in the price of each watch, and you can keep track of your donation on our website by inputting your watch's serial number and monitoring the payoff of your gift.

Best Classic Watches For Women

Nordgreen has an exciting range of classic women's watches. These timepieces embrace Scandinavian minimalism and effortlessly blend colour themes with any woman's wardrobe. A Nordgreen woman is a woman who values being a part of the movement to adopt a quality lifestyle, restore the planet, and improve societies throughout the world.

Our best classic watches for women include the InfinityPhilosopherNativeand the Native Lille models. Each has subtle but distinct design variations, but all communicate the philosophy of balance, quality, sustainability, and style.

The 32-mm Infinity comes with an 8mm breadth and is both sophisticated and practical. It distinguishes itself with a face that curves sharply at the edges, making the watch hands more visible and, thus, more comfortable to read in challenging light conditions.

The Infinity does not have any lugs (where the watch straps fit), making for clean, smooth, and rounded lines. The inspiration for this design comes from Mother Nature, embodying her pure simplicity, functionality, and balance.

The watch face on this beauty doesn’t feature any dates or hourly marks, and the second hand is absent altogether, to accentuate minimalism.

The hour and minute hands are powered by a Japanese crystal quartz technology that creates an even and accurate slicing through time. The casing features a dish-like design curvature that curves the watch inward, with a brushed stainless-steel side.

Choose from a range of feminine colours, including silver, rose-gold, or gold watch casings. Interchangeable straps come in Italian leather, mesh, or nylon. Colours include black, dark brown, brown, navy blue, grey, white, and pink, or you might choose gold, rose-gold, or silver stainless-steel mesh straps.

This model is also water-resistant up to 3 meters, making it perfect for everyday outdoor use.

The Infinity simplifies your style, making it easy to blend with any wardrobe piece. It is simple, clean, and will stand the test of time. A new addition to the collection is a silver or rose-gold/Boheme nylon 40mm strap.

If you want a more detailed watch, consider the Philosopher – a watch for women who understand the value of our past, act in the now and strive to create a better future. 

This 8mm timepiece is quintessentially Scandinavian and Danish. It displays an exquisite minimalist design with simple, rounded lines, punctuated by lugs.

This slim, understated watch has a lug-to-lug width of 20mm – stylishly narrower than the 39.5mm diameter of the stainless-steel case. It also features a high-quality horizontal brushing on its casing side that makes it look far more expensive than it is.

Hours and minutes are prominently marked on the tapering white-only dial, along with our minimalist logo and the date. This watch comes in two convenient sizes for women – 36mm and 40mm.

The hour and minute hands move along with an asymmetric second hand, all powered by Japanese crystal quartz technology that yields accurate time.

These watches are incredibly light and are 3ATM – 3-meter water-resistant – so they’re perfect for everyday outdoor use.

The Philosopher features interchangeable watch casings in feminine and neutral colours, including gold, silver, rose gold, and gunmetal, as well as interchangeable straps made from nylon, real Italian leather, or premium-grade stainless-steel mesh.

Choose from leather straps in black, dark brown, brown, navy blue, of patina grey; mesh straps in rose-gold, silver, or gunmetal; and nylon straps in navy blue or green. A new addition to the collection is a silver or rose-gold/Boheme nylon strap in 36mm and 40mm.

Most Classic Women’s Watches

Nordgreen’s Native and the Native Lille watches for women tell the story of balance in nature and balance in life. We believe that the secret behind the high quality of life in Denmark is the concept of hyggeHygge enables Danes to live a complete, fulfilled, and happy life, as we apply the balance to every aspect of living. In creating the Native’s most classic watches for women, we wanted to help instill this philosophy in our society, too.

The Native comes in 36mm and 40mm widths, while the 2019 Native Lille features a narrower 32mm band. You also can choose from three distinct thicknesses – 6.8mm, 7.5mm, and 8.35mm, per your preference.

The rounded watch casing creates a unique design redefined for modern living. The hour and minute hands on this minimalist watch are powered by the Japanese quartz technology that produces a consistent flow and results in accurate time, all of the time. The second hand is omitted on this watch for a simple and understated face that is characteristic of all Nordgreen watches.

Interchangeable dials come in a range of colours – including navy blue, black, and crisp white – and feature invisible minute marks that appear only when you need them. The Native also omits all lugs (connecting the strap) to define its classic roots.

Choose from premium-grade 316L stainless-steel watch casings in gold, rose-gold, silver, or gunmetal. Or, if you prefer, purchase interchangeable stainless-steel mesh straps in rose-gold, gold, silver, and gunmetal. Check out the newest addition, too: a 40 mm silver or rose-gold/Boheme nylon strap.

This watch is water-resistant up to 3 ATM (3 meters), making it perfect for everyday use – out of direct contact with water – whether you're running, jogging, cycling, hiking, or walking.

Our classic watches for women serve up a sophisticated look that works for any occasion. Change components – from watch casings to dials or straps – to match your wardrobe on any given day.

Check out all the designer selections and mix and match components to create the perfect exquisite and minimalist timepiece that embodies the spirit of hygge that is so essential to authentic Danish life.

We are committed to producing every watch with profound attention to detail to create an iconic timepiece that will last you a lifetime. What separates Nordgreen from other brands is our absolute commitment to recreating quality every time.

When you choose a Nordgreen classic women’s watch, you can be proud that you've selected a brand committed to improving people's quality of life worldwide by providing free education and much needed clean water. Our Giving Back Program is also helping to bring back forest cover in the world’s most important forest – the Amazon – so it can bear fruit for generations to come!

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