Best Affordable Women's Watches

Who said that wristwatches are only men’s accessories?

When feminine fashion accessories come into question, everyone thinks of handbags, sunglasses, belts, jewellery, and earrings.

In recent decades, more women appear to be developing a passion for timepieces, though. Tastes range widely, featuring different designs, colours, and functions to expand and enhance a women’s style.

Watch brands have taken notice of the shift, paying more attention to producing watches that appeal more to the feminine traits of beauty, elegance, and tenacity. Some cost thousands of pounds, but not all high-quality timepieces will break the bank.

With a bit of research, you can find an excellent watch for women at a much more favourable price.

Affordable women's watches might not be as elaborate or bejewelled as some of the pricier pieces, but these watches are still incredibly stylish and functional.

At Nordgreen, we strive to create outstanding designs with a range of customizable options. Our designer, Jakob Wagner, created classically elegant designs. These timepieces won't go out of style in one or two seasons.

Want to change up the look in an instant? Select the case and strap that you want. Then pick up an extra set of straps or two. These easily interchangeable straps can be swapped out quickly, allowing you to go from bored to boardroom in a few minutes.

Let’s have a look at the best affordable women's watches we have.

Native | White Dial - Mesh - 40mm / Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Mesh
Native | White Dial - Black Leather - 40mm / Gold
28mm 32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Black Leather

Our Top Design for Smaller Wrists

The Infinity is our top choice for ladies with slim wrists. With dial sizes starting at 32mm, this design won’t weigh you down. The case seems to hover over the strap because there are no lugs on the side. This creates a more streamlined effect overall, making the watch appear more delicate.

The face is clear and uncluttered. The hours and minutes are marked, but that’s all. This is perfect for the no-nonsense woman who likes to get right to the point.

Best Option for Classical Styling

Hygge is a principle that’s popular in Scandi countries. The Native is a timepiece with a design so simple that it’s brilliant. The watch has no date feature or minute or second markings. What you get is elegance that will never go out of style.

This model is also one of the ones that we allow you to customise fully, which is why it's one of the best affordable women's watches we offer.

The Best Option Overall

Don’t like a minimalist design? Looking for a watch with all the classic features?

The Philosopher is an excellent choice for the woman who wants to keep track of every second. The date is neatly displayed on the dial. Both hours and minutes are marked. Finally, we’ve included a third hand to mark off each second. It's going to be hard to run late with this timepiece. It is one of the best affordable women's watches on the market.

You’ll have to stick with a white dial, but aside from that, it’s completely customizable.

Something More Substantial

Women's jewellery is often designed for more delicate features. That's all good and well unless you have a bigger bone structure. The dial here is the largest we have. It's an unapologetic 42 mm, so it's a substantial size.

This model is based on a classic chronograph design. It’s not nearly as fussy, though. The additional features include a stopwatch mini-dial and a dial that counts off the seconds.

Want More Choices?

Be sure to have a look at our Bundle Gifts for Women. Our bundle sets come in stylish boxes, ideal for gift giving. Choose a bundle with an extra strap and save 10%. Select a bundle with two extra straps, and get three looks for 20% off.

Not sure which straps will look good with your pick? Use the Strap Selector to make your choice effortless.

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