Affordable Swiss Watches

Everybody loves an excellent swiss watch.

It is well-known for precision and quality, but the prices are usually beyond what most people can afford. If you have been looking for affordable swiss watches that are both cheap and beautiful, you are in the right place.

At Nordgreen, we follow the simple and time-tested Swiss made design. We provide luxury timepieces at affordable prices that ordinary people adore.

Our designs deliver stunning detail with every watch our clients buy while maintaining strict control of our manufacturing processes. We ensure that every watch you buy carries the Scandinavian heritage with pride.

Native | White Dial - Mesh - Silver
Swatch r
32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Silver
Native | White Dial - Mesh - Gold
Swatch d
32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Gold
Native | White Dial - Black Leather - 32mm / Silver
32mm 36mm 40mm
Native | White Dial - Black Leather
Philosopher - Mesh - Silver
Swatch r
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Silver
Philosopher - Mesh - Gold
Swatch d
36mm 40mm
Philosopher - Gold

Affordable Luxury Watches

When you hear affordable luxury watches, the first idea that comes to mind is low quality, but this is a myth.

We cut costs by working with some excellent manufacturers in Asia to deliver high-quality products at lower prices. All the materials we use for our watches are carefully selected to maintain a high standard. We give both vegan and non-vegan leather options, as well as robust nylon, plastic, and steel options.

You can always trust our dedicated team of in-house designers led by Jakob Wagner. It crafts a timeless and classy piece that will add flair to any outfit or occasion.

We also follow a Scandinavian principle known as hygge for all our watches. The principle emphasises simplicity, a trait all our watches embody, which reasserts happiness, balance, and contentment. It’s something you will quickly note every Nordgreen watch.

Our Native, Pioneer, Philosopher, and Infinity watches are all superb alternatives to luxury affordable Swiss watches. It is built with high-quality materials sourced from the best manufacturers, providing you with an abundance of options for the dial, strap, and face.

There are endless designer looks you can achieve with interchangeable straps. You can play around with the colours and the material, choosing between leather, plastic, nylon, and steel.

Get yourself the Nordgreen watch bundle that comes with multiple straps, available for both men and women.

A Watch for a Great Cause

Going by the Scandinavian characteristic of kindness, we are one of the few companies that allow you to support different charities across the world. Every watch that you buy provides the opportunity to help educate an Indian child, provide clean water in the Central African Republic, or plant a tree in the Latin American tropical forests.

We have partnered with different NGOs because we care about the environment and other people, and we believe our clients feel the same way, too.

Why We Have the Best Affordable Swiss Watches

We are able to sell affordable and high-quality luxury watch brands because we found an efficient manufacturer for our watches who focus on a few spectacular models. It keeps our manufacturing costs down without compromising on quality.

We also use some of the finest materials for our watches. For the heart of the watch, we depend on the reliable and renowned Japanese Miyota movements. The precision of our watches is unparalleled.

We have also invested in a high-quality top glass option for our watches. The sapphire is the same as you will find in smartphones, so your glass will not be scratched or break easily with continuous use.

We also pack our luxury timepieces with excellent batteries that should serve you for up to three years. There is nothing as annoying as having to deal with dead batteries frequently, so we’ve taken care of that aspect as a priority.

Take advantage of our two-year warranty to buy your next affordable luxury watch from Nordgreen, too. We also provide free shipping worldwide, and you’ll make incredible savings when you purchase our watch bundles with an extra strap.