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The‌ ‌Results‌ ‌of‌ ‌Our‌ ‌Charitable‌ ‌Deeds‌ ‌2020‌ ‌

Brands with global outlook are widely channeling their efforts towards sustainable practices for the better good of societies worldwide. Nordgreen is no exception - since the beginning of our journey onwards, we have been developing and improving our CSR initiatives along with our timepieces and bringing change into the watchmaking industry. Read more about our sustainable initiatives here. Despite the ups and downs of 2020, we would like to take a moment to reflect together with you upon the valuable times that bring us together as a socially responsible community. Read on to discover the results of our joint efforts during the past year.

Giving Back Summed Up

Throughout the past year, we have been continuously inviting our community and stakeholders to take part in our charitable initiatives across our various markets. As a company and a team of caring humans, our values are based upon three main pillars, supported by our ongoing Giving Back Program - health, education and environment, which are reflected by the vision of our three main NGO partners - Cool Earth, Pratham UK and Water for Good.

We have estimated that our efforts during 2020 have resulted in approximately +900,000m2 of preserved rainforest in Latin America, +33,000 months of education provided to children in India and +64,000 months of clean drinking water given to families in the Central African Republic. With the growing support of our community, this is only the beginning. If we were to have a new year’s resolution as a company, it would definitely be to expand our reach even further for the better results of our sustainable practices.

Looking Back at Local CSR Partnerships

As a tradition, we invite everyone to take part in our holiday special charity mission, in addition to our Giving Back Program. This way we ensure that the less fortunate ones will also get to experience the joy of the holidays. To achieve that, we have partnered with global organisations, such as KidsOut, Toys for Tots, Aktion Deutschland Hilft, Joyagdol and Children Are Us Foundation among others.


Apart from our additional efforts around the holidays, this year we have collaborated with various charity organisations for each of our markets across the world, that enable us to reach different points of the globe, where help is deeply needed. Let us guide you through our journey.

Nordgreen x Christopher x World Child Cancer

This year at Nordgreen we marked our first global collaboration launch with the talented Danish singer Christopher, which was very special due to the opportunity to concentrate our efforts from a global campaign to a global cause - supporting the mission of World Child Cancer. Christopher already being an ambassador for spreading awareness over children’s cancer was the underlying reason for him to take part in this collaboration. For each watch sold we donated a round of chemotherapy to a child in need from a developing country, and together we managed to support the costs of life-saving treatment to children across Africa, Asia and Central America, resulting in a total of +2,000 rounds of chemotherapy.

Nordgreen x Kakao Friends x ChildFund Korea

Another great cause this year was the launch of our collaboration with Kakao Friends in South Korea, where we partnered up with ChildFund Korea to provide essential food kits for children in need, who are based in shelters in South Korea, or whose families cannot afford to fully provide for their healthy growth. Our joint efforts have so far resulted in +300 essentials kits, provided to children in need


Nordgreen x Koyuki x Umisakura

Taking inspiration from nature and designed to protect it, Nordgreen has joint forces with the well-known actress, model and sustainability ambassador - Koyuki. Koyuki is well known for her deep affinity to nature and sustainable practices on a daily basis which is the underlying reason for her to choose to work with us at Nordgreen. Our collaboration consists in a collection of watch straps made out of up-cycled plastic from the ocean and is made in partnership with the Japanese NGO Umisakura to ensure the cleaning of 2kg plastics from the Japanese ocean, for every watch purchased in combination with a strap.


Nordgreen x Fuel Them LA

The whole world was hit hard by covid-19 in all possible ways. Nordgreen made sure to contribute to the fight against the pandemic, by supporting the frontline medical heroes in the United States - the country affected the most by the virus. We partnered up with Fuel Them LA, and for each watch sold we managed to provide frontline workers during the first wave of the pandemic, with more than 1700 meals provided during their exhausting and life-risking shifts. 


Nordgreen x Peace Winds Japan

Our efforts in supporting front-line workers in the corona crisis didn’t stop there. We also joined forces with Peace Winds Japan, in order to donate the highly necessary medical face masks for healthcare staff members for each order made throughout the campaign period - donating more than 3600 face masks for safer working conditions of the Japanese medics.


Nordgreen x ThanksGive

Providing educational tools such as books or school supplies is part of our efforts to improve education initiatives and that is why we teamed up with ThanksGive - a South Korean NGO, together with whom we managed to donate books to thousands of children living on Uleung-do Island, whose families are unable to provide for books. That's why, for every purchased Nordgreen watch, we have donated one book to a local library, which resulted in approximately 40 new books donated to the local library.


Nordgreen x Social Bite

We have partnered with the UK-based NGO Social Bite for two years in a row, in order to join their efforts in providing help to people from poverty backgrounds in the UK and Germany. For each watch sold, we managed to deliver a meal to a person in need, resulting in 165 provided meals


Nordgreen x One Tree Planted

Following the dreadful environmental challenges taking place in Australia earlier this year - drought, flooding and fires that burnt up nearly 6 million hectares (15 million acres) of bush, Nordgreen partnered up with the NGO One Tree Planted, in order to take part in the reforestation processes in the region. Together we managed to plant 5 new trees for every watch sold, which resulted in approximately 500 new trees planted.


At the end of the day, numbers of impact made matter solely to the extent of tracking our progress and understanding what could be done better in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. Despite the challenges, 2020 was a greener and more sustainable year from our perspective - and none of this would have been possible without you on our side. This is just the beginning of our journey.

January 11, 2021 by Jesper Stoltze

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