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Introducing AW21. Reboot.

Our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection is inspired by the trend and fashion colours and themes of the forthcoming season. We looked at the colour ways for the season and selected deep, rich hues of Green, Brown and Blue, because they also reflect the changing colour palette of nature over this season and added a sunray effect to enhance their vibrancy.

The overarching theme behind the campaign is also trend based - about reusing and repurposing, rather than constant consumerism.

To convey that notion we found inspiration in items of the analog past, such as shabby chic suitcases, retro furniture, analog phones and TV sets, all of which are icons of classic product design, which we then juxtaposed with our contemporary Scandinavian design timepieces.

As a company that puts a major focus on CSR initiatives, we are passionate about respect and responsibility. We believe that in order to make the future a better place, we should take time to reset our values and to reassess the way we treat the world around us. So we made sure that these values are reflected in all levels of our work, including our creative execution.

“As a brand that puts so much focus on respect for the planet and people who live here we felt it was imperative that those values were also reflected in the way we develop our campaigns. There was no travel, no buying of wardrobe for the talent (who are all local), and all the props were borrowed from a second-hand store 500 metres from Nordgreen HQ. The photo and video shoot were done in our on-site studio by our in-house team using equipment we already had to hand.

After more than 25 years in the industry, this campaign is, without doubt, the most hand-held and low resource shoot I have ever been involved in. In my humble opinion (but of course I am biased), the outcome is spectacular. In essence, we have executed the concept “on concept”. And it is perfect proof that with careful planning and innovative thinking, incredible results can be achieved without massive expenses - either financially or to the environment.” - Jonathan Lowth, Brand Director at Nordgreen

September 01, 2021 by Jesper Stoltze

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