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Guardian is designed with circularity in mind. This is manifested in its design DNA which takes into consideration the entire lifecycle of the product. The circularity-conscious design of Guardian ensures that when the watch reaches its end of life, it can be given new life within the supply chain in a variety of ways. As a manifestation of Nordgreen’s core values of respect and responsibility for people and the planet, the ambition behind Guardian is to bring to light a watch line with a final carbon footprint equal to zero.


Guardian’s packaging is transported from Sweden to Denmark in electric vehicles. The final product is shipped through air or land to the client’s location, depending on the delivery market. Shipments to the US and Asia are made via air, while shipments inside the EU are made via land or sea. In specific cases, department stores collect their orders directly from the Nordgreen warehouse in Denmark.

The carbon emissions created by transport and logistics are completely offset in partnership with by supporting sustainability-oriented projects.


To ensure the longevity of Guardian, we partnered with various repair centres worldwide, so that if your watch needs to be repaired you can directly rely on the help of our partner watch smiths.In this way, the transportation impact is reduced and the proximity to you is ensured.


Guardian introduces a new strategy towards circular economy into Nordgreen: a buy-back program that aims to take back to the supply chain as many resources as possible. Therefore you have the opportunity to have your Guardian bought back and get a percentage of the original price of the watch refunded.

The watches that are sent back to us in a fair condition are repaired and polished so that they meet the same quality standards of a new watch and brought back to the supply chain via Nordgreen’s refurbished online store.
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In the case that the product is in a condition that prevents it from being refurbished, then the watch will be recycled. This process will be done within a specialised facility based in the Netherlands.
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With respect and responsibility weighted as the key drivers, we endeavoured to build the world’s most sustainable watch. With an ecosystem centred around transparent sourcing, production, transport and service, never before seen in the industry. With all that in mind, Guardian is meant to herald a new era of watch design that is probably the next best thing to not owning a watch.


Each Guardian piece comes in stunning 3D printed packaging created upon demand. The beautiful Guardian box is made from 3rd generation recycled PET foodstuff packaging produced by Lost Boys Lab in Sweden.

Each Guardian box is delivered in shipping boxes made of FSC certified cardboard paper, which ensures that the material originates from responsibly managed forests.

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100% recycled PLA plastic, 3D printed

Innovative approach to packaging

In line with Nordgreen’s mission and vision, we envisioned the Guardian to be as accessible to our community as possible. That’s why we have integrated a NFC chip at the bottom of each Guardian box, led by the vision to keep Guardian owners one tap gateway to our digital universe, in order to stay updated with all new members, inspiring stories and activities.

We also envisaged the box itself to be the physical manifestation of the powerful Guardian narrative - rotating the lid to change the word combinations makes for some thought-provoking moments…


With their ‘design for life’ approach, the creative minds of Pearlfisher London are the ones that brought the Guardian packaging design to light.

Learn more about how they make challenger brands like Nordgreen future-proof from Mike Branson, Founding Partner & Group Chairman at Pearlfisher.

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Guardian Silver White Dial with Silver H-Link Watch Strap

Guardian by Nordgreen


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