<b>The Hottest Fashion Trends in Copenhagen</b>

The Hottest Fashion Trends in Copenhagen

Scandi style has been hot for several years now and the obsession with Nordic fashion and lifestyles shows no sign of letting up. Danes are known for their laidback, pragmatic approach to fashion. Whether high street or designer clothes, it needs to look good but it must also be functional, perhaps because cycling is the preferred mode of transport for so many.
09 August, 2018
<b>Top 5 Things to Experience in the Nordic Countries</b>

Top 5 Things to Experience in the Nordic Countries

Take advantage of the light summer nights

If you do one thing, make it this. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better way to make memories than spending a summer holiday in the Nordic countries (the further north you go, the lighter the nights get, too). They might not be the hottest of summers (that said, a heatwave here and there is known to have happened!), but there’s a lot of magic to them.

05 August, 2018
<b>Fall Fashion Trends 2018</b>

Fall Fashion Trends 2018

The summer is beginning to wind down and it’s time to think about putting those layers back on because fall is coming fast. I don’t know about you, but I had an amazing summer and the only thing preparing me for the colder weather are thoughts of turning leaves and new fashion.
03 August, 2018
<b>The Evolution of the Watch</b>

The Evolution of the Watch

We still enjoy our wristwatches with advanced functionality and flash; but the everyday wristwatch, one that can be worn with any outfit, has become a high priority for many watch wearers.
31 July, 2018
<b>What is Scandinavian minimalism?</b>

What is Scandinavian minimalism?

For many people, when being asked to visualise a Nordic house designed in traditional Scandinavian style, a tranquil image comes up. 
23 July, 2018
<b>Why Nordgreen?</b>

Why Nordgreen?

There are hundreds of watch brands out there. As the fashion industry has turned towards the internet, opportunities to shine have multiplied. Nordgreen itself was launched on Kickstarter, a platform that allows companies to launch their proposed innovations and get feedback from the public, with their products being able to be tailored to the end consumers’ needs before they hit the market.
20 July, 2018
<b>What should you look for when buying a watch?</b>

What should you look for when buying a watch?

A watch is a very personal item that does so much more than simply tell the time. Your choice of timepiece is a clear indication of your personal style but a watch is not just a piece of jewellery. It also needs to perform one or more practical functions and choosing one can feel like a bit of a minefield. So what are the main things to consider when buying a watch?
19 July, 2018
<b>The Importance of Knowing How to Wear a Watch</b>

The Importance of Knowing How to Wear a Watch

It’s the morning and I’m on my way out… Shower, dress, sexy shoes, trendy bag and right before I toss my keys into my side pocket I slide my watch onto my wrist and feel like my outfit is complete. My favorite accessory is my watch. I know for a lot of women it’s their bag but, for me, it’s my beloved timepiece. I always feel like its addition is what makes my outfit complete so I always have a wristwatch.
13 July, 2018

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